Playing with Life

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Its a most toughest time going on for whole world and especially in india where second wave of corona is becomes so strong as people are more and more need to admit in hospital. lots of death also happned because of not getting bed and treatment.


Recently there are some injection comes as ramdae civir which is very useful for those who has oxygen level down but its not easily available as very popular thing but recently some people sold it on very high price and also selling duplicate one too.

After lot of issues injection are now only sell through hospitals with excat price which government declared but most sadest thing is that in last 7 days here in my state Gujarat-India, lots of factory caught with lots of fake injection which are made with water and they selling it.


I don't understand ehy people can go so down level to make some money as it related to someone's health. one side whole country suffering that how to take control of this virus and besides this kind of people playing with patients life. they not even think that what they are doing is really good and who knows one of the patient is their relatives then will they do?

when read this kind of news, can't able to control myself and some bad words comeout from this kind of situation happening at other places?





Haven't heard about the saga in my country but I know there are people who selfishly choose themselves and their pocket beforw anyone else.