Now even small children work in the farms.

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Hello friends, you can see that nowadays children also work with their parents, it is the son of Pawan, and works with the father, it grows vegetables in the fields with its father, it understands its work. then tries to do that, it's planting some vegetables right now, it helps me in the onion plant, it's also planting banana plants in which it helps me to hold and plant the plant, it's like Pawan Together he goes to the fields in the morning, and comes back from the fields only in the evening, but also goes to study, because he has just come to nursery class,


Pawan reaches another work, he is completing his work on time, he sends the report of the whole day to me, I check my report, and send it forward, some laborers have not come to work, then we You have completed the work in a few laborers, we have given some drain work, it is closed for a long time, in which the fields were not being irrigated, the government had sent us the maps of some fields, on the basis of which we work. , I have talked to Pawan on fan, he is going to increase some workers now, but I have refused, because we are not getting the work right now, so the rest of the work will have to be completed


I hope you like them,
Enjoy your Thursday. It shows you in Your farm. How do you like the farm.
Have a Nice Day.

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This post is very beautiful. Because children works with parent's .it make children hard worker.

you are right, welcome @biplopali

He is so had working, I really love his mind set and he is a good son indeed. By his fruit you know how good he will be when he grows up..
Thanks once more for sharing this post with us.

thank you, welcome @caleb-marvel

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