180th Anniversary of Dhaka College

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College is one of the important steps in the education system of Bangladesh. Every student's higher secondary education is in this college. This time is very important for the students. Because we all know this is the most important time in life. Less time and bigger courses are read in these two years. And at this crucial time in student life, many students go astray, and from there the college shows them the right way. Dhaka College is one of the most famous and glorious colleges in the history of this country. Which turned 180 years old yesterday. For the last almost two centuries, this college has been fulfilling the dreams of the students of Bangladesh. Many of the educated scholars of this country, or many of us who are experts, are students of this college located in the capital Dhaka. Special respect to all the alumni of the college on the founding anniversary and best wishes for those who will be associated with this college now and in the future.





wow looks so beautiful.Dhaka college is so famous college in Bangladesh.This college has connection with history of Bengali Nation.I wanna visit this college one day.

 2 months ago 

In sha Allah we will go there together ❤️

Wow,,amazing View.😍

 2 months ago 

The whole building is ready for the party.

 2 months ago 

Yes my friend 😍

 2 months ago 


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