R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

In the 1980s they gained great popularity and notoriety among minority groups, especially in universities. REM formed in Georgia under the leadership of Michael Stipe and gained a significant place in the music world after the successful release of their first album. But that will change early in the next decade. At least until then, they will release an album that will be the pinnacle of their career. Their seventh album, Out of Time, was released on March 12, 1991 and served as a springboard to a major commercial breakthrough. There was no tour to recommend it, but that wasn't the case. Sales of 18 million copies proved it.

One of the songs on the album is iconic for the band and would become one of the most popular songs among fans and critics alike. Losing My Religion, with its dreamy mandolin riff, became a worldwide hit as a metaphor for unrequited love. Stipe explained that the phrase "losing your religion" refers to an old South American saying that when something terrible happens, it can deeply affect a person and even make them question their faith. This was stated by the group's singer in an interview with the Dutch program Top 2000

Actually, it wasn't a song originally chosen as a single. Record labels immediately recognized the song's appeal, but the band's bassist, Mike Mills, initially disagreed with the choice of Losing My Religion as the lead single for what would become one of their best-selling albums. “I think the theme is R.E.M. Because he broke all the rules. I never thought they would choose it because it doesn't have a chorus, it's five minutes long, it's too long and the main instrument is the mandolin," Mills said in an interview. Special mention to the legendary video directed by Indian-American director Tarsem Singh. In addition to Hindu gods and some religious images, there are many paintings inspired by the Italian artist Caravaggio.


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