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Hello Everyone.....
Hope you guys are doing very well.I'm also good.Today I'm singing a Bollywood movie song and one of my most favourite song called ,"Uska Hi Bana" by Arijit Singh from the movie 1920-Evil Return. I have tried my best to cover this beautiful song.
Here is the link:

Uska hoon, usmein hoon
Us-se hoon usi ka rehne de
Main to pyaasa hoon hai dariya wo
Zariya wo jeene ka mere
Mujhe ghar de, gali de, shehar de
Usi ke naam ke

Kadam yeh chalein ya rukein
Ab usi ke vaste
Dil mujhe de agar dard de uska par
Uski ho wo hansi goonje jo mere ghar
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

Mere hisse ki khushi ko, hansi ko
Tu chaahe aadha kar
Chahe lele tu meri zindagi
Par yeh mujhse vaada kar
Uske ashkon pe, ghamon pe, dukhon pe
Har uske zakhm par
Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi
Haan umra bhar
Ab faqat ho yehi wo rahe mujhmein hi
Wo juda kehne ko bichde na par kabhi
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda, aye Khuda jab bana uska hi bana

English Meaning:
I'm hers, in her, from her..
let me remain hers only..
I'm thirsty,
she's the river, the path of my life
give me home, street, city of her name only
these steps move and stop for her only..
If you give me heart, give me her pain only.
that laugh be hers, when my home resounds..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers

Even if you reduce by half my joys and smiles,
even if you take my life,
promise me
on her tears, her sadness, her sorrows,
on every wound of hers,
only my right remains there, always, through life..
now only this should happen, she should live within me,
she should never be separated, not even for the just the sake of saying..
O God, whenever you make me, make me hers.

Please pardon my mistakes.Hope you guys enjoyed my music . All of your votes and comment will encourage me to sing more later.

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