Earn Dance tokens (DT) - Round 12

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Dear dance and music lovers

This is the only community on Steemit where you can earn different tokens.

This event runs on a weekly basis.

Would you like to earn 1,000,000 Dance tokens?

Share your dance video here as a comment!

The dance video must be yours.

You can exchange DT (Dance tokens) for STEEMP on https://steem-engine.net/?p=market&t=DT. You will need a Chrome extension that you can find on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steemkeychain/jhgnbkkipaallpehbohjmkbjofjdmeid in order to use Steem engine.

Thank you for your support!


20/08/2022, 13:37:39

Transaction ID:

Sidechain Block: 10236406

From: @donwhale
To: @durbisrodriguez

Amount: - 10,000 DT

Memo: Thank you for supporting this post!

Yay more Crypto! So much more than money.
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