See who took part in Sing and play week 151 - Please upvote and share!

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Dear music lovers

Thank you for taking part in this unique music event!

These are the lovely entries in order from the earliest to the latest submission. Many of you have got 1 Dance and music token (DAM) and August's "Dance and music" membership for taking part. Some of you have got 3 DAM each.


Feel free to exchange your DAM for STEEM on You need to know that if you are exchanging DAM for STTEM all the time without placing any "buy order" for DAM and everybody else does the same as you, soon or later you won't be able to get any STEEM.

Feel free to leave a comment and thank you for watching!


Felicidades a los participantes continuen con su buen espiritu cada semana deleitandonos con sus bellas interpretaciones Dios los bendiga!

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