Do you think Steemit is a scam? Please leave a comment!

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Dear steemians

Just leave a comment!

Most of the posts on Steemit have no value and they are not even entertaining. Have a look at the trending page,!

There is a team who is rewarding only people who follow their bizarre requests. There is no freedom on this platform. I feel sorry for those who don't express themselves.

March 14, 2023 - Dance-fitness session for fun

Dance and music show week 294 is running on

Have a great day!


Thank you, friend!
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The issue with Steemit has been private companies which is why it remains a shell that dapps need to continue building around. There wasn't a facilitator of decentralization. It was mainly people that think other people could attract more people and they would all be happy no questions asked.

Today The Korean Community is taking control from the private Chinese company. The way China is approaching blockchain is being dealt with very nicely at the moment.

They... whoever they are, shouldn't have been asking if we can go the distance with them, but whether if we were thinking the same thing.

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