The best rock songs of the 80s (Guns N' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle)

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Who hasn't ever danced to the rhythm of Guns N 'Roses's “Welcome to the Jungle”. This, one of the singles from their first album, has become a flagship of the group and one of the favorites of the public. Axl Rose, decades later, continues to sing it with the same anger and self-confidence and, of course, Slash's guitar in the song has never ceased to be present.

Aerosmith danced it, with costumes included, during a Guns N 'Roses concert in 1988. When Guns N 'Roses opened for Aerosmith for an entire summer in 1988, Boston veterans decided to play a little prank on them. The band and their team dressed up as gorillas and stormed the stage as Guns N 'Roses performed the song. Mind you, with Axl admiring Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and company so much, he didn't get angry at all and actually enjoyed the joke. Later, both bands played the song “Mama Kin”, a version that Slash's men played a lot in their early days.

The song is about how hostile the city of Los Angeles can be, the song is about the Californian city and shows the dark side of the town, just the one that young artists who arrive, full of illusions and ambition find. , looking to chase fame. In 1985, the band came to live in a place called "Hell House" located on Sunset Boulevard. The house was full of "drugs, alcohol and groupies."


You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play

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