The best rock songs of the 80s (Duran Duran – The Wild Boys)

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Duran Duran was formed in recent years and takes its name from the villain "Barbarella", Dr. Durand Durand. Although they underwent innumerable changes in the group, the training in their golden age included, in addition to Le Bon, Rhodes and Andy, John and Roger Taylor. Interestingly, none of the Taylors were related.

"The Wild Boys" emerged as a project Australian Russell Mulcahy wanted to adapt William S. Burroughs "The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead" his intention was for Duran Duran to make the band "The Wild Boys" was the step forward. Mulcahy wanted to put all meat in the video for the song to convince a producer to make the film.

More than a million dollars was spent where it was filmed at Pinewood Studios, where the James Bond movies are located. We see a display of decorations with a metal pyramid and a mill;
dozens of "Mad Max II" costumes, special effects makeup and an animatronic head that looks like a competitor at the Drag Queen Gala at the Palmas Carnival.

The video is finished off with a series of choreographies, a winged character, a whirlwind of fire, a toothy falomorphic aquatic monster and the torture suffered by the Durans. The most remembered is that of Le Bon tied to the blade of the mill and submerging his head in the water. At 6:20 there is a nod to the group's name as on the screen behind "Perversa" we can see images of "Barbarella", with Jane Fonda interacting with Dr. Durand Durand.

Despite winning the BRIT Award for Best British Video of the Year, it goes without saying that Mulcahy's project stayed in the drawer. However, in 1986 he would achieve success with "Los Inmortales" (more in video stores than in movies), but success nonetheless.

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