The best rock songs of the 70s (U2 - With Or Without You)

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In 1976, drummer Larry Mullen (Larry Mullen) released an advertisement asking musicians to form a band. All the participants were around 15 years old. At the end, there were guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and Bono who was not worthy of being a rhythm guitarist. Nobody liked the way he sang, but they had an attractive personality and they liked ... Betting on him. Finally, after several name changes, they decided to let U2 (who we have in this, this and this entry) start rehearsing and trying their luck for the first time. Two years later, they won a game and were asked to record a U2 trio will have some success in their hometown of Ireland. In 1980 they released the first LP "Boy", and with the single "I Will Follow" it shone in the university media and spread to the United States.

One year later, October will fall short of expectations, so they immediately returned to the studio and regained ground lost to the war in 1983. The war will have a greater political element, including mythological themes such as Bloody Sunday and New Year's Day. . A year later, the magnificent Pride (in the name of love) will finally triumph in the UK with The Unforgettable Fire. Finally, in 1986, they gained a worldwide reputation with "Joshua Tree" with "With or Without You", which placed them in first place in the US and semi-world rankings, such as "I have not found that I am looking". "For or where the street has no name. After four years of touring, they went to Berlin to record Achtung Baby. Although they were about to dissolve due to the tension within the band, they bet on improving their sound by adding more electronic elements. , which left us as One or Pearls as Mysterious.

In 1993, they continued to flirt with techno at Zooropa using songs like Lemon or Stay (Faraway, So Close!). Four years later, his crazy and spectacular dance pop music and his single Discothèque became widely known, and he made me respect them very much. In 2000, they returned to playing their lifelong guitar on All That You Can't Leave Atras. Due to a cruel and beautiful day, this made them reconcile with many critics. Four years later, they continue on the same path, "How to Dismantle the Atomic Bomb" will continue to sell albums like donuts (150 million records so far) and will allow them to go around the world where they continue to sell.

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