The best rock songs of the 70s (The Doors – Strange Days)

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In August 1967, The Doors began recording their second studio album called Strange Days. Due to the great demand and popularity of its homonymous album, the record company asked the band 500,000 copies in advance. Jim Morrison and his staff soon went to Sunset Sound Studio in Los Angeles and started filming the "Money Machine", but before improving his contract with the seal. However, it is not only your requirement to increase your compensation, but also require total control of your letters and works, which standardized through an editorial called Doors Music. "If being clandestine means paying money instead of earning money, then we are not clandestine. We run our own business, I think the appropriate term should be 'merchant'," said Jim Morrison at that time, because they could use the new license. Plate Percentage and economic benefits obtained.

"Strange Days" became one of the most psychedelic and surreal works of the Californian band. This is another way of expressing art, because time were taken to explore the new sounds produced in the field of traditional musical expression in those years. LP also symbolizes the struggle of the band against all authorities with another self. Morrison is a good example of how he becomes the angel or demon of Baco according to the situation of each live performance. The policy is of great importance for Jim. He always expressed "politically incorrect" points of view to the dominant class in the 1960s, sowed the seeds of a dark theater band and used music and poetry to transmit messages directly to the masses.

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