The best rock songs of the 70s (Shocking Blue – Mariska Veres "Venus")

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1947 - Dutch singer Mariska Veres was born (died 2006) and is generally recognized as the lead singer of the rock band Shocking Blue.

Veres began her career as a singer in the Les Mysteres guitar group in 1963, and later sang with Bumble Bees in 1965, Blue Fighters, Danny and her favorites General Four and Motowns in 1966, where she also played the organ. . In 1968, she was invited to join Shocking Blue to replace singer Fred de Wilde, who had to leave them to join the military. In 1969/1970, the shocking blue became famous around the world for its hit song "Venus".

In 1967, Shocking Blue was nothing more than a local band that barely made it to the Dutch charts, however, when singer Fred de Wilde left to join the army, the band invited Veres to fill the vacancy.

That invitation will forever change the fate of the group, because in 1968, the Dutch already ranked first in the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain, and were very close to achieving this goal in the Kingdom. United.

In a time when women were seen as fragile objects and far from the wild world of rock and roll, Veres gave the band a unique style. The Hague-born singer broke this stereotype with a powerful voice, full of eroticism, and he did I do not ask for anything. Singer at the time.

In the song Venus composed by guitarist Robbie van Leeuween, Veres becomes an unattainable goddess, realizing that her sexy drives any man crazy, Jane. In short, she is a woman who accepts femininity as her main weapon; A new age.

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