The best rock songs of the 70s (Martha Reeves & The Vandellas ~ Heat Wave)

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Martha Reeves & The Vandellas were one of Motown's leading female ensembles.

He achieved immortality thanks to the interpretation of phenomenal and danceable pop soul songs, as are classics such as "Dancing In The Street" or "Heat Wave".

The trio consisted of Martha Reeves (born July 18, 1941), Annette Beard, and Rosalyn Ashford.

Martha was born in the town of Eufaula, in Alabama, but a few months after her birth, her parents Ruby and Elijah moved to the city of Detroit, where since she was a child she stood out for her ability in singing, a practice that led to performed with his music lovers parents in his home and in his grandfather's church.

Martha, who was the oldest of eleven siblings, went to study voice techniques with Abraham Silver before pursuing her life as a professional singer in various girl groups.

One such girl group, formed in 1959, was The Fascinations.

In 1960, Martha joined Annette Beard, Rosalyn Ashford and Gloria Williams, recording as The Del-Phis a single on Chess-Mate Records that bore the title "My Baby Won’t Come Back."

Around this time, a talent show was organized that Martha ended up winning, which led to her performing solo under the name Martha LaVaille at the Twenty Grand club for three nights.

In one of those performances she was discovered by Motown A&R William “Mickey” Stevenson, and shortly thereafter went to work as his secretary.
This was Martha Reeves' first job at Motown. Meanwhile, her career with the Del-Phils continued, eventually recording under the name of The Vells on the Melody label the single "You 'll Never Cherish a Love So True (Til You Lose It)", a song that passed completely. unnoticed.

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