The best rock songs of the 70s (Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit)

in Dance and music2 months ago

Jefferson Airplane was established as one of the indispensable columns in the historic and extraordinary psychedelic explosion of San Francisco in 1967. In my opinion, the peculiar voice of this Californian band has been used in rock and roll by many hippie communities on many occasions. That is why songs with the "marihuanero" style of secret meeting sprouted, such as the famous flag theme "White Rabbit".

In 1966, when she became a member of the Great Society band along with her husband Jerry Slick and her brother Darby, the tune was already sung by the beautiful, rebellious and controversial Grace Slick. All this is because Jerry himself encourages his family and his wife to compose a song each, so that guitarist David Mina does not carry all the composition work on his shoulders.

Following the white rabbit from the children's story "Alice in Wonderland", according to the strange, seductive, imperial and indomitable Grace Slick, you will find a world full of drugs and the characters who smoke them (the strange thing is that Lewis Taken for Carroll believes that opium was used to write this literary work in 1865).

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