The best rock songs of the 70s (AC/DC - Let There Be Rock )

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At the beginning of 1977 AC/DC already had three albums behind them, but at the meeting of the fourth album they would find their winning formula, record with stones and be faithful to their own hard voice for the rest of their average career. As the cover art shows, Malcolm Young stepped back and focused on the beat, leaving all the attention to his brother Angus. The youngest of the Youngs will find the best example of his explosiveness alone on this album. The band will release a wonderful album, full of power, dirty and sweaty rock. This sound can be the definition of rock music.

It's the AC/DC sounds that are called in many ways, and even in 1977 some people (wrongly) aligned them with emerging punk, but as they themselves confirmed that they did, there was a basic definition, rock music. Unsurprisingly, in the title track, Bon Scott picked up the Rolling Beethoven lyrics where Chuck Berry left off, showing us the gospel of Tchaikovsky's spread of rock and roll. Australians know what they are and what they are not, they may not have invented the wheel (Berry already did), but they do it better than anyone.

From the beginning of the Go Down riff to the sweeping solo at the end of Whole Lotta Rosie (where Angus's amp finally kicks in), Let There Be Rock is an overwhelming machine. Non-stop production of rock, folk songs and intermediates for third parties. This is just rock music, but I love it and I can't stop shaking my head and jumping.

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