STEPS to WIN ANY FIGHT in the Street, Ring, or MMA

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What matters most in the fight is execution of the techniques, mindset, and exploit your opponent weakness. You can learn many things, but when the time comes and you cannot apply what you learn, it is as if you do not learn anything.

Learning techniques is important, but it is not all. You have to understand the attacker's moves, and fight back to see how he responds. Then you can set your next strategy to fight. 

One single technique will not work in every situation. You might see something works very well against the opponent. That might not work next time. Your opponent can adapt seeing your moves. So you have to take action observing the situation. 

I have been making a series of posts named Self Defense Situations where I talk about different situations and how you can defend yourself. Since every situation is different, you need to act according. 

Let's watch this video. Hope you will find it useful. Thank you very much for reading this so far. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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