It's gonna be a different NBA today

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The NBA has been in a very difficult decision on how they could continue the way the basketball is being implemented. They are really concerned about the safety of the players especially those who are in old ages and even the younger ones which have not yet fully developed its immune system as per health experts says.

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We all know that the effect of the virus is almost showing instantly but still some are not. There might be several tests that a person could test negative but yet it's positive. Still, this allegation still not been proven, so it's very difficult on how to handle such a problem. The only best thing they could do is to limit the number of teams that would possibly on resume and it would be best if they could skip that regular season which would take a lot of unimportant games where we can easily say now who will qualify for the playoffs.

The top eight teams of both conferences will surely be there when the NBA resumes.

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