IMF warns crypto is not suitable as legal tender

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Despite all that countries do to enable its citizens to lead a prosperous and happy lives, many countries in the world are still struggling with poor economies. The disparities in income level and savings among the countries in the world are so wide that no human being should be proud of the achievements of humankind as a collective. 

Unless there is something in for us, seldom do we come to the aid of the poor nations, leaving them to fend for themselves. We have put in place international rules that often favor the established economies rather than the poor nations. 

To make matters worse corruption at all levels make the situation even worse. 

When we leave countries to fend for themselves when they are in trouble, can we fault them to use any means available to them to come out of the dire situation they are in.? 

Aren't we part of the problem?

What use is there for the IMF to cry foul now? 

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