Family communication

Communication is a vital, essential and important thing in every institution, that of the family is not excluded. It fosters growth and enables couples live in peace and harmony.

Communication in the family involves paying adequate and great attention to each other. It doesn't really entails talking to each other, but listening to each other.



Family communication involves verbal and non-verbal information exchanged between family members.

It could be sending messages and interacting face-to-face, sending emails etc and
the use of body languages such as behavior, tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions.

A good and proper communication in the family fosters growth and unity. It helps members of the family to express themselves, their needs, wants, desires and concerns for each other.

It helps members solve problems, counsel and advise each other as well as expressing their feelings, admirations and differences to one another.

Family communication helps the family bind well with each other. It boosts gatherings and other good things.

  • Listening: Listening is part of loving; it is a vital tool in any family; the parties involved should cultivate the habit of paying great and adequate attention to each other so as to be able to solve each others problem.

  • Sacrificing: Both parties should be able to sacrifice for each other no matter what by creating time for each other no matter how busy you may be...

  • Talking: Talking I believe helps one to free because you've err out your problems and worries to each other. In times of misunderstanding, the tune used to talk is very important as it helps to calm down the other person.

  • Transparency: Your partner or family members should see you as one who is transparent. There should be no room for hidden things, be open and outspoken, be free and say the truth always.

Proper communication is the foundation of a strong and healthy family. Make your marriage work, make your family work by communicating properly.