Winter barbecue - Freewrite - Short story

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Winter barbecue

Half the names on the list had already been crossed off. Martin had to do some hard work, which was not conducive to his eternal allergic rhinitis. Searching through the thick layer of snow for the next person to take over this year's winter barbecue had become a difficult task.

No one wanted to compete with the abundant supply provided by last year's hunt.

Anyway, I still had one more ace up my sleeve to make the Germans believe that everyone agreed to repeat their participation, because they were fascinated by those hares with roast potatoes combined with who knows what, which they left as a prize.

But where did they get that other meat... nobody wanted to think that they were eating something forbidden but in view of this year's food shortage all the "eligible" people he had consulted refused to take care of the provisions because they found it difficult, not to say impossible or, at least, so they said.

(End of five minutes)

"I must play my card well because nothing guarantees that they will want to take over the provision again, even if they are the most extreme hunters. They never show up empty-handed, even in circumstances of total fog," he was thinking.

However, I still had to convince the others, there were some who heard the rumor that they had eaten a Yeti at the last barbecue. Incredible, and at the same time not so incredible, because they say that the one who started the rumor was one of the Germans when he was drunk.

Imagine, Martin, walking through the snow, thinking about it, cold and snotty, shaking his head and ruminating:

"Verdammt! That's so gross! It's an outrage invented by a hothead. That would be barbaric!"

And, walking, he took out his saved list, decided to keep contacting the "eligibles", to close the options, all to avoid touching the button of the Germans.

By Zeleira Cordero @zeleiracordero


In response to @mariannewest in Day 815: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: winter barbecue. The prompt is highlighted in bold. If you're interested, find out here


Animation by @zord189

The initial image is from Pixabay:

Abstract by Shutterbug75


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 6 months ago 

Better a Yeti than some other options!

Oh, yes. But still, poor Yeti!

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Hmm kinda curious what that mystery meat could be?

Hmm... Nothing good seems to come of it!

 6 months ago 

A good way to enjoy the abundance is in sharing with everyone together, oh who will light the fire? When enjoying the !BEER they did not notice the meat they eat!

Well done on your free write @zeleiracordero

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Cute story! Avoiding touching the buttons of the Germans is always a good idea, eh? :)

Always! Thank you for stopping by!

Great story. well crafted. Very intriguing. I imagined the worst.

Me too! For a moment I thought they were killing people for the barbecue, but a Yeti, that's catastrophic too!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Excellent barbecue Freewrite @zeleiracordero 🙏


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@zeleiracordero - good job on the freewrite. Mystery meat.....hmmmm.

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Mystery meat! Interesting story. Welcome to PHC.

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Thank you so much for that, @owasco. I'll try, sure!

Interesting storyline here my friend and I suppose anything goes as long as they don't eat each other Lol.

Amen! Blessings back with immense gratitude, @papilloncharity.

 6 months ago 

Making me hungry

Ha-ha-ha... You want Yeti?

Welcome to PHC, @zeleiracordero. Charming story! Freewrite is a great way to do a quick story sketch!

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