Three Sisters, Two Seasons

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There are three cute little mountains near where I am currently living. I've always heard them called the "Three Sisters" because they are so close together and similar in size. They're not very big, as they are situated in the piedmont (the foot of the mountains) where the larger mountains give way to smaller mountains and rolling foothills. But, these three are definitely steeper and larger than mere hills and the surrounding countryside.

The entire Appalachian Mountain range is lower than many other ranges because it is much older that many other mountain ranges and has been worn-down by the erosive action of wind and rain over time. The highest peak is Mount Mitchell, at 6684 feet (2037 m) above sea level. But at the edge of the mountain range, the mountains are much smaller. One of the Three Sisters is only about 1600 feet (488 m) in elevation, and the other two are about 1700 feet (518 m) in elevation. I've always thought they made a pretty little group against the landscape.

The above photo was taken on a recent spring day, about one mile (1.6 km) from the nearest of the three mountains (the one on the right). We are technically still in 'lockdown' status here due to COVID-19 and only allowed to go out for essentials, but I hoped the 'long route' to the store would be acceptable and I had no problems, thankfully. Plus, I was alone and did not get out of the car, as this photo was made from the open car window.

At a greater distance of about 3.5 miles (5.6 km) from that closest mountain, the following photo shows a lovely view. The Three Sisters are there on the left, and Glassy Mountain is on the right. I love this view so much! 😊

From the same vantage point as in the above photo, I captured the following shot a few years ago during the autumn season, with beautiful color on the trees in the foreground! This is one of my favorite captures of The Three Sisters!

Actually, the above image is a detail from a wider-angle shot, shown below, with the Three Sisters near the center and Glassy Mountain on the right-side of the scene.

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WOW, What a beautiful, lush, stunning and radiant place to live!

Thanks for taking the long route and sharing it! 💚