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RE: Shards of Gingersnaps | Original Poetry

in PowerHouseCreatives3 years ago

Whoa, this is quite unsettling. From the comfort of ginger snaps in our youths, from the safety of our mothers' circle of warmth, our little world explodes, we spread, many of us no longer even speak to each other, and we do not know when the little solid world fell apart. I like this poem a lot.


@owasco thanks for the kind words <3
Was feeling low when these words came tumbling out. It's a tragedy when the family disintegrates.

 3 years ago 

I'm in the middle of the same thing. It has been more of a slow disintegration since my mother had a stroke 20 years ago. She kept us civil to each other by advocating for all of us. For us, it was more like a spoke broke on a wheel, it never got fixed, and eventually the wagon just spilled us all out. Then there's the alcohol.
I hope your family can repair some.

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