Covid-19 lockdown day 71 – Black lives matter but not in my country

The mass protests by thousands of Americans due to the Black Lives Matter campaign, spurred by the unlawful killing of George Floyd by a white cop recently, appears to be a powerful statement by the people. That’s if it’s not instigated by some Soros-funded plot to collapse USA even further. Then they can bring in further martial law and their Agenda 21. So who knows for sure who is pulling the strings behind all the media hype and all the thousands of protesters?

If it’s legit, and people really are protesting over the killing of another black man – even if the killing was a false flag fake crisis actor plot, and the mob are for hire too – then it would be a commendable show of disapproval by the people toward police brutality. But did you know that here in scary South Africa the cops have already killed 10 black people since the lockdown, and imprisoned thousands more. And I don’t see a single protester, march or anything of the sort. Not here, not in USA and not anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile even in Palestine, as well as other countries globally, people are protesting over this one dead black man at the hands of the cops. Is there some disconnect? Am I missing something? What about all this “Black Lives Matter” stuff? Are the black lives in South Africa not black enough for you? Fair enough, pun intended, the cops here are also black, but a life is a life, and a black life is just as black. So obviously the world doesn’t know about these 10 (or more) dead blacks at the hands of cops here. Well, now you know.

There are so many conflicting narratives as the controlled MSM and the independent journalist attempt to vie for the minds of the masses. What is real and what is fake – on news as well as reality on the ground – may never be fully known by the individual citizen. All we have are rumors and reports from dubious sources, the controlled opposition and media. Well, 10 to 1 may not be very good odds. It does, however, show you just how bad things are in surreptitious South Africa, compared to passive old USA. Where you manage to kill one black man, we do that ten times worse than you, and you think you have a problem?

Welcome to the jungle here, as they say, “welcome to my world”. It may be that the alleged death of George Floyd was staged to incite this mass unrest and that there is a bigger plot at hand. Or it may be that the cops there in USA are too militant. And it is likely that the street protests are insighted by some Antifa fascists driven in from out of state to give the appearance of wild looting and pillaging. This could all be staged. Reports are coming out suggesting it. Who really knows? It depends on which narrative you read or buy into.

You even hear about pallets of building bricks being placed in public places on the streets of protesting America, while no construction is going on anywhere, almost as if someone behind the scenes wants bricks to be available as missiles for protesters. That is how deep the rabbit hole could go, but I don’t know, so I simply observe and report. Meanwhile in my homeland here, we have much more severe lockdown brutality, perhaps the worst in the world. I understand that these are unusual circumstances – a state of pandemic, a global emergency, a national lockdown, but the PTB whether here or there, are using this entire situation to really implement some of their own ulterior objectives. The pandemic and lockdown have opened a wide window for dictators to bring in totalitarian Fascist systems, to intensify power into the hands of still fewer elites.

Naturally the people will also begin to see through the illegal lockdown, as well as the overkill, and perhaps even the hoax of it all, and they will also start taking the law into their own hands. If your leaders are breaking the law, breaking the social contract, then you have a right to take the law into your own hands. The government becomes the criminal so you fight back. The government have already committed crimes against humanity so I would not be bothered if the people simply take back their power, their freedom and their rights. Or they can stay home and follow like sheep the false narrative, the illegal lockdown and the slow killing of society as we know it, as well as one citizen after another, one murder at a time.

Here, and perhaps everywhere, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, between a criminal state and a criminal element in the population. Which is the lesser of the two evils I wonder? Well the lockdown era has offered them all a field day, and as a result more people are suffering due to the solution of lockdown than from the actual problem of the virus. We may never know the truth about how real or fake this virus was. The future generations may never receive anything more than a bogus historical account of the entire event, as so much truth gets hidden, lost or obfuscated. In a post-truth world, all we have to rely on is ourselves.


One sided media is the problem too. 😠

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Yes indeed it is a media war for the minds of the masses.

Yes indeed it is
A media war for the
Minds of the masses.

                 - julianhorack

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