TRACK OF THE WEEK! (2020 ROUND 3) - Share your TUNES and WIN the post earnings! (Last weeks winner @spellmaker received 9.359 STEEM)

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Welcome to the "TRACK OF THE WEEK CONTEST!" where you share the music you love & stand a chance to win some STEEM - as well as discovering some AMAZING TUNES from around the world!


2020 ROUND 3 (Closes 11am UTC 30th Jan)


After 7 days I will decide which track I like the most! The winning track selected (by me) will win all the liquid earnings that this post accumulates and the confirmation of funds transfer will be shared in the following round.


All you have to do is share a link in the comments to a song that you are really enjoying at the moment - whether it is new or old it does not matter and neither does the music genre... whether you have loved it your entire life or just for a day is irrelevant! just NO personal promo links please! And please do not look at MY track genre selection as a guide to what you should or should not share... I have an incredibly eclectic taste in music and will no doubt continue to shock most of you as the weekly rounds unfold haha!


Right! With the logistics out the way... let's get to it!


which is of no consequence really haha - but what fun would it be if I didn't get to share with you all as well!






I LOVE soulful music like this!!! From the SECOND it kicked in, I knew it was going to "speak to me!" Such a great share! Congrats!




To all of you that entered round two... DAMN you made my life difficult haha!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE! There were SO MANY fantastic entries and my playlist has some fantastic new gems now so thank you! Hope to see you all participate again this week!

@thebigsweed, @carolinacardoza, @blockurator, @girlbeforemirror, @mondoshawan, @trincowski, @bidesign, @krazzytrukker, @old-guy-photos, @redheadpei, @derekrichardson, @antoniarhuiz, @dexpartacus, @papilloncharity, @jerrytsuseer, @joanstewart, @bdmillergallery, @lizelle, @jonsnow1983, @farm-mom, @wesphilbin, @free-reign, @justclickindiva, @idig, @spellmaker, @wwwiebe, @ninahaskin


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Glad to see you doing this again, @jaynie! It was always one of my favorite gigs!

Little bit of a unique submission this week... for your consideration, a number by Steemlandia's own @isaria, a multi-talented creative visual and musical artist, as well as one of the driving forces behind the @creativecoin project... her music reminds me of Evanescence meets the Cocteau Twins... we have so much talent here, so let's give it up for one of our "local" acts:

awww thank you so much @denmarkguy I really appreciate it!❤️

 23 days ago 

Awesome track @isaria!! Like I said to @denmarkguy - when I saw the preview thumbnail I thought it WAS evanescence. Something about it reminds me of this track by hellyeah...

Really awesome!

 23 days ago 

Oh I am LOVING doing this contest again @denmarkguy! Wish I had never stopped to be honest!

When I saw the preview thumbnail I thought it WAS Evanescence!

What an awesome track! and YES we DO have so much talent here! I wish the "big wide world" saw more of it!

I heard this on the way to work today and have been hearing it all day... like the ceiling can't hold us!

 23 days ago 

This is such a great track! Get up and go! Awesome share!

It really does make you want to dance!

 19 days ago 

Oh yes I agree :)

Oh, yes! I love it and I hope that the ceiling can hold us!

Ha ha! I hope we burst right through!

Ah, yes, I watched this clip a lot in recent years. An excellent combination of lyrics and visuals.

I had not seen the video before. It’s a little bizarre. I’m not sure how the old sage fits into the story line, but it’s really cool.

Well this one is by my good friend @theturtleproject and I never tire of hearing it. If you need a lift this is the song for you!

 23 days ago 

Great Share!! Another Steemian in the mix this week! What an awesome track! Nice work @theturtleproject!

Yeah he's so good!

An old favorite by Joe Walsh, live in 2012...

 23 days ago 

Love it! Such a great feel good song!

I love, and have used the line, "I can't complain but sometimes I still do," many times! :)

Oh, I'm feeling it tonight. :)

Sometimes I forget how powerful some of Meatloaf's music could be!

I know, right? You look at the man and think it can't come from there, and yet... it does. :) Hi, Jayna! Keep warm tonight!


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 29 days ago 

Epic, Awesome, Amazing!

Yes, this was so good Denise excellent selection.

Thanks, Joan @joanstewart. Who doesn't love a little Meatloaf for dessert once in a while?


 28 days ago 

Meatloaf - "Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back,” who doesn't enjoy the dessert....

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We recently added a vinyl by Meatloaf to our home collection entitled "Bat Out Of Hell." @dswigle I'm sure you're familiar with it, Denise!
I always enjoyed his song "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" for a trip down memory lane & good cry.
It's in the link below to save time:

Oh, yeah!!! Who doesn't love Bat outa hell??? :)

I'm just a Meatloaf fan. :)


Me too, Denise! His hits brings back of flood of memories. Fun to reminisce as we read the songs commented on this thread, isn't it?
Thank you for the tip!💕

They are fun! I don't know about you , but, I am so behind I feel like I will never catch up! LOL And yet, I sit and read the threads! :)

The tip is always my pleasure!

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 23 days ago 

Oh my HAT! What a blast from the past!!!! My goodness, we sang and played this song to death as "tweens" hehehehe!!!

Great choice @spellmaker!

This is my entry... great song imho..and the video is really funny! :))

Oh my gosh! That is so hilarious! It's not even Mumford & Sons. The actors are Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis. They looked like they had a blast filming this!

Yeah! They was simply great!
At the beginning I thought they were the band ... then I realized that were only actors and not the musicians!🤣
I discovered the band with this video!

 23 days ago 

And a great discovery it was! Mumford is what I consider one of the most underrated bands of all time... not unlike James!

I agree about m&s!
Never heard before about James... It's good!😀

 19 days ago 

I am happy to have shared James with someone else now too! There is not a person I know that doesn't love their music, they are fantastic!

Yeah! They really are! Thanks for sharing, I love music! I'm a musician too, I sing, but I'm not good like him! 😄

 23 days ago 

hahahahaha!!!! BRILLIANT!I am sure Mumford & Sons must have had a good laugh when they saw this!

They did for sure!!🤣🤣🤣

I channel surfed across Regina Spektor years ago performing live on Sound Stage.

I was Blown Away...!!

Do You realize..... She sounds this GOOD Live...?

Oh my gosh, she is amazing. I've added her to Spotify. Wow, she's talented.

I struggled with what link to add. She has other live performances, but that Sound stage one was by far the best.

Ear Worm Alert...!!

This one will be stuck in Your Head for the rest of the week.

Ha ha — ear worm alert! Thank you very much for the bonus track, @krazzytrukker.

She is so amazing. She has so many songs I love.

I struggled with what link to add. She has other live performances, but that Sound stage one was by far the best.

Ear Worm Alert...!!

This one will be stuck in Your Head for the rest of the week.

 23 days ago 

WOW! She is amazing!!!

Nice track @jaynie.

🧘‍♂️ lol

Nice! Seems like a reggae influence. I haven't heard them before.

Ty @jayna :). Yes, that is Stick Figure. I injoy most of their songs. Have a great day.

 23 days ago 

Love, Love, IT!

I think they're saying something about Steem...Oh, wait, maybe not.

 23 days ago 

HAHAHAHAAHA!!! omg that was so funny!!! All the lyrics somewhat fit with our "Steem Journeys" LOL

Never gets old!!!!


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 26 days ago 

Thank you @helpie and @wesphilbin! Much love to you both!

Round 3: Listen to the control in the range of tones in her voice. I absolutely love Angela Winbush.

 23 days ago 

When I initially saw her face I thought it was Jennifer Rush! Beautiful song!!! and she has the voice of an angel too!

Very interesting contest.

Here is my track. Beware, it is very addictive.
The song was recently released by a prominent Jamaican producer called Rvssian. The artistes on the track are Shensea, Swae Lee and Young Thug. The unique thing about this song is that it fuses Reggae, Hiphop,and EDM in a very appealing way. I have no doubt this song will be a global hit! .

 29 days ago 

Nice off-beat sound, like her voice.

 23 days ago 

Yes, very catchy! Great share @dmilliz!

 last month 

I think I shall share with you something completely different (for me) this week:

 23 days ago 

well yes, that is... different! But - I really like it!!! Very catchy!

 23 days ago 

I already know what I want to share with you next, too!

Do so love this contest... when I am feeling need of grounding... this helps:

 29 days ago 

Nice quiet piece of music to allow thoughts to drift, finding tranquility.

 23 days ago 

This was so beautiful @wesphilbin! Thank you for sharing it! And I am so glad you are enjoying this contest :) I forget why I ever stopped doing it in the first place :)

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Quadruple MWAH! hahaha!!

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 26 days ago 


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Here is a beautiful song by Louna recorded live on the Adrenaline Stadium, in Moscow, in November 2018.

By the way, I went to that concert, so I am there somewhere, very near to the stage! What an awesome experience it was! 🤭

 23 days ago 

Oh MAN! What an AWESOME experience! They have an incredible stage presence!

Yes, they have. I hope I can see them again, sometime.

 19 days ago 

Yes that would be awesome indeed!

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I'm glad you resumed this blog, thank you!
I'm with old music, probably a frustration that I couldn't hear more in my youth.

Sometimes I remember a song and then listen to it many times in a row.
Now this song is: Peter Gabriel (Genesis)- Carpet Crawlers

 29 days ago 

Peter Gabriel alone and with Genesis made some brilliant music.

If you enjoy Peter Gabriel be sure not to miss Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up (ft. Kate Bush)

Down the rabbit hole we go with memories.....

 23 days ago 

What a blast from the past! I have not heard this in years!!!

Thank you! Yes, time goes by ... good music remains.

 19 days ago 

Now that is the truth right there!

Yes, thank you!

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I always loved the sound of Johnny Cash and June Carter singing together. The Far Sides Banks Of Jordan reminds me of the gospel songs my grandmother would sing as we listened to the radio. Sweet memories!

 29 days ago 

This reminded me of my mother listening to "Frankie & Johnny" by Johnny Cash while pushing her sewing machine pedal, the four of us children used to teasingly run around singing, wow that was a long time ago...

I remember the song Joan. “Frankie & Johnny were sweethearts....”

It doesn’t seem that long ago but it was. 😂

 28 days ago 

Very old valve radio with 10'' 78rpm Record Player, side cupboards for storing records really more a piece of furniture!

I know exactly what you mean by the cabinet with radio and record player to play the vinyl records.

 23 days ago 

Oh Johnny Cash was DA MAN!!!! I absolutely LOVE his music! Used to play it on repeat in my car!!! Brilliant share!

Thanks Jaynie. Johnny has some great songs. 💕

I stumbled upon this Canadian singer by accident and fell in love with this song. More I listened to it, more it grew on me. Turns out the singer used to be a hockey player and ditched his hockey career to be a musician.

 23 days ago 

Interesting turnaround in careers! ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEEEE HIS STYLE! and this song! Have added him to my playlist! Brilliant share!

 29 days ago 

Mellow music with soothing voices to serenading the week out: I know an older tune again... Great musicians of yesteryear.

Carole King & James Taylor "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"

 23 days ago 

Have always loved this song!!! It is so powerful! Lovely share @joanstewart!

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 26 days ago 

Awesome! Thank you so much!

 last month 

This post should come with a big label, Highly Addictive! Found so many good pieces of music to enjoy shared by members.

@tipu curate

Truly agree!!!!

I still love this activity and that's why I'm going to show you today the song that I love most in the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Behind it there is a great story of the singer.
Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Oh my gosh! @carolinacordoza I texted this exact song and artist to my daughter the day I left visiting her in Dallas a couple weeks ago! It's such an addictive version of the original! ♥️🌈 ♥️

Love Brother Iz.

 23 days ago 

I have always loved this song! It is already on my playlist! It is so beautiful and also so terribly sad that such an angelic soul and voice is no longer with us. Beautiful share hon!

Pleasure to present some friends on your "Track of The Week"...

 23 days ago 

Love this! Has such an offbeat appeal! Just up my alley! Very cool! Have added it to my playlist!

Thanks Janyie, that's a big pleasure to hear... for I love the work of my friends of Electric Bazar very much!

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Congratulations to @spellmaker. Beautiful song.

Also congratulations to all participants. Your songs were amazing.

I love R&B myself, and have a ton of a collection from over 30 years ago.

Not many people have heard this gem (let me know if you have) and it's sure to get stuck in your head once you listen to it. I came across The Traveling Wilburys around 1990 and became addicted to all of their songs, this one in psrticular entitled "End of the Line" 🎤🎶🎸

See if you recognize any of the artist's distinctive voices:

Okay, the voices belong to singers Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty.

Awesome weekly contest! @jaynie

 23 days ago (edited)

Oh I have!!!!! With compliments of my mom @lizziesworld! Thanks to her, I was introduced to ALL the greats from a very young age... it is also where My absolute LOVE for music came from! Now, I am able to pass that legacy on to my son... even HE knows this track already and he is only 10!

There is ALWAYS music playing in our house!!

What an awesome share!!!!


What an incredibly terrific surprise to hear that not only you, but all three generations of your family, are familiar with music by The Traveling Wilburys! @jaynie 🎸🎶🎤

And I had idea your dear mom is on Steemit!
(Hello @lizziesworld! You have some awesome taste in music that you passed on to your daughter!)

Here's a link with some cool facts about the short lived band you might be interested in.
It's a darn shame they never had the chance to tour...

I like to share the music of Hans Zimmer. Many people may know it without knowing it...

 23 days ago 

Very soulful! And also the eye candy in the video was nothing to complain about either haha! I know someone who will probably like this a lot as well.... @bluemist.

Great share @old-guy-photos

Thanks, love it already 💗

Thanks. I never saw the movie "Inception", which this is from, but now I want to. DiCaprio is usually pretty good, so I think I will give it a go.

 19 days ago 

Yeah I have not seen it either. But then again, I have not seen much... I do not watch much TV... I mostly listen to music :D

Exceptional choice!!!

Oh thank you so much. I am a big Hans Zimmer fan. He has scored so many outstanding pieces to so many great movies!

I have heard this song since 2016! I don't know why I love this song too much. I heard it when I feel lonely. This music make me fresh.

 23 days ago 

This is such a cool track. The lyrics are so catchy! Loved it the first time I ever heard it!

I hear this song Everyday. It remind me my past :)