The Adventures of Bobby the Blogger - S01E03 "AssEnndUp and the 2 FUP tokens"

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"Bobby was elated. After months of blogging, his AssEnndUp account wallet was in the green with two FUP tokens!"

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He was really proud of himself for sticking it out.

He'd suffered some major setbacks (e.g., token seizures, posting probation and user level demotions back down to "0" - Cult Initiate).

Coincidentally, to make his day even better, AzzEnndUp's FUP price skyrocketed from 0.003 USD to 42 USD (over 110,500%) on AssEnndUp's sister site OWSwap (Only Whales Swap) Crypto Exchange.

Quickly calculating in his mind, Bobby figured he'd get ~80 USD for his 2 FUP tokens (2 FUP X 42 USD minus, withdrawal, transfer and conversion fees?).

Bobby could already imagine surprising his girlfriend with a nice dinner date.


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When Bobby tried to withdraw his points (1 point equals 1 FUP), here's what he saw:


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Immediately, he text his friend "JC" - an "OG" in the Crypto Space - for some mentoring.

Here’s what JC replied with:


$hit man, that's one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The minimum withdrawal amount from AssEnndUp is 3,000. If you had that, you could go and play with the other Whales on OWSwap where 1 FUP is now over $40.


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AssEnndUp Whales impose this ridiculous 3,000 "minimum withdrawal amount" to ensure that >99% of AssEnndUpians cannot ruin their price manipulation and profit party on OWswap.

BTW, You also cannot withdraw to an exchange address. It must be withdrawn into a personal wallet address. And guess what? The wallet they recommend (Liar Wallet) is a headache for most AssEnndUpian's.

I did not look-up the withdrawal fees/schedules. But I wouldn't be surprised if they're horrendous.

It appears that AssEnndUp knows all the dirty tricks in the book.

Sorry, but that's reality on AsseEnndUp...

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