Flash Review of Torum's White Paper V2.0

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Submitted to the Torum Founders Group:

I just did a hyper-scan of the Torum White Paper V2.0.

My impressions?

"Holy $hit! Did you guys bring in a pro to write V2.0?"

The Torum White Paper I read 24 days ago: (IJCH) Micro-Critique of the TORUM Project's White Paper is not in the same league as V2.0!


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V2.0's format, flow, grammar and syntax surpasses the last three White Papers I've read this week in both readability and ascetics.

I like the nod to the current DeFi phenomenon, plus the well-known social media platforms that are squarely in "Torum's cross-hairs".

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The clear and simple explanation of Torum's XTM tokenomics is virtually "Marine Proof". I was happy to see a fund set aside for post-hack recovery and legal defense against malicious or fraudulent litigation.

The "About the Author" style Mini-Bio's at the end was a nice touch. It gives the paper an honest, "down-to-earth" flavor and captures the youthful spirit of the team.


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Furthermore, it showcases the wide variety of business and technical skills that, in the aggregate, represents a solid, well-rounded and formidable Founder's Group.

Given that I read V2.0 while walking my dogs, I would have to reread it while stationary to craft a formal critique.

That's probably why it ain't gonna happen!

The only suggestions I can think of right now are:

  • Incorporating the new "TGE" (Token Generating Event) terminology wherever ICO would normally be used.

Why the new acronym?

Because there's still a lot of "guilt by association" to past ICO failures.

Additionally, there's a large vocal group of legacy butthead lawyers claiming it (ICO) misleads investors into thinking that ICOs have the SEC's "Seal of Approval" and "Proven Investor Safeguards" as IPOs.

Wait a minute.

Does that mean the 2008 Global Financial Crisis never happened?

Yeah right.

And I guess shaking a plate of jello doesn't look like a fat hooker on a cold night either?


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Ok, back on topic - suggestions for the next iteration of Torum's White Paper:

  • Table of Contents where a chapter/topic is hyperlinked to its section of the paper.

  • If the goal is to be truly newbie-friendly, any crypto or blockchain term/acronym should be defined upon its first appearance in the paper or include a "List of Terms and Definitions" (in the Front Matter or as Appendices, your choice).

Well, that wraps up my flash opinions on the Torum White Paper V2.0 and a few "off-the-top-of-my-head" suggestions for future iterations.

Well done, folks!

May you and yours be well and love life today.

In lak'ech,



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