Two Birds in Paradise | Seasons in the Sun with Laughing Gulls!

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I never realized the joy I would feel taking winter walks on the beach. As we packed the car and headed to the beach this morning there was a definite chill in the air. The skies were cloudy and the slight breeze told us the sun would make its appearance shortly! What a perfect day for a stroll with the Birds.

Ah, the boardwalk…

always brings a smile to my face for I know nature and all it's beauty is just around the corner!
IMG_2365 (2).jpg

Look! The beautiful blue sky is peeking through the clouds!

IMG_2367 (2).jpg

With a friendly feathered escort…

we found our perfect spot and settled our chairs. Time to take a stroll!

DSC_0086 (2).jpg

I guess we were too early…

as it seems some weren’t ready to start the day! An American Herring Gull vacationing for the long cold winter months. Looks a bit weary after the long migration to SW Florida. Hailing from Alaska and the northern areas of North America a few will travel as far as the West Indies during the winter months.
DSC_0023 (2).jpg

As lunchtime drew near…

Beachgoers begin to arrive! Some on wheels!
DSC_0094 (2).jpg

Some by air…

Mr. Pelican always makes a dramatic entrance!
DSC_0038 (2).jpg

They came by sand! Laughing gulls standing at attention!

Certainly not a laughing matter!

DSC_0133 (2).jpg

Some were shy…

DSC_0106 (2).jpg

Or was it the pretty shells…

that were so fascinating! I’ll never know.
DSC_0078 (2).jpg

Herring Gull joined the group!

Look how big he is compared to the other gulls! Such a funny sight! Did you know Herring Gulls can grow up to 26 inches long with a 5 foot wingspan?
DSC_0073 (2).jpg

And then, it was time to go!

with one last visitor, anxious to take a bow! Okay, just one picture!
DSC_0115 (2).jpg

Farewell to the beachcombers…

No worries, we’ll be back!
IMG_2359 (2).jpg

What a lovely stroll today! The sun was beautiful and as usual nature always shows up! Taking the time to enjoy the great outdoors always warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. Thanks to my friend @tattoodjay and his weekly #wednesdaywalk challenge we all have the opportunity to share a few minutes of nature all around us! I hope you’ll join us, I promise you’ll be glad you did! Thanks for strollin’ with us today!

And as always, blessings to you all!





I feel warm and refreshed just by viewing this post, especially withit being a cool day here and me not getting out of the house, so thanks for sharing this lovely refreshing post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

 last month 

I love your hilarious dialogue! It is always more fun when you give nature a few words. :)

Great shots and it looks like the perfect winter (and you know I use that term loosely) day in Florida. Such a pretty area and you really do a nice mixture of gulls and sea birds.

Is it only me or has the winter migration lessened over the years. I can remember as a kid, everything migrated with Halloween, Thanksgiving at the latest. Now, I have Canadian Geese here in the DC area all winter, which never used to be.

Global warming?

Lovely post! Have a great day!


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Oh these are lovely pictures! I love the beach sooo much. And I take pictures of seagulls wherever I go in the world. Some day I will put my whole collection together in an online album. Thank you for sharing this refreshing post! Oh and the vehicle chair is amazing!

Nice post!!
I love the chair with the big wheels!!

Looks like a lovely stroll.
That's some nice white sand!

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