It looks like a lovely place to wander around. I like places like this and always go in them to just be for a while.

 3 years ago 

It was a little chilly out, so as long as I'm walking its good. I will definitely be back here and I like places like this too. Next time I hope to dress up more for the occasion. I was wearing sweat pants and a ski jacket and was feeling very camera shy.

I have quite a few places like this. Sometimes when the weather is a little warmer, I put on my headphones or pull out a book or a note pad and lean against a tree.

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 3 years ago 

Thank you MYK =)

The place looks great but doesn't seems to have many tourist, why's that?

 3 years ago 

My secret is to visit during a smoggy cold day later in the afternoon when every sensible person has vacated the place. Also, the main part of the park is under construction so the website incorrectly says the entire place is closed.

Ah, that's a brilliant idea!

amazing colours! and the stuff itself, ofc. up!

 3 years ago 

I think there will be a lot more colors in spring or summer. I will be sure to visit again!

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 3 years ago 

Thank You!

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