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Greetings to you, my lovely Steemians and welcome to my post today. I trust you and your loved ones are doing fine. Indeed, I am so excited to have you here my dear friend to this post where I have discussed Artificial Intelligence as part of my entry to the contest organized in Colombia-Original.

Do you think AI can replace some functions of human beings? Explain which ones and why.


AI are meant to increase the efficiency of human to allow human beings to have some rest and time to do other things. Artificial Intelligence is created by human-beings to work in favor of humans which humans have proven to me smarter and intelligent to than AI that only functions based on how it is program whereas human-beings usually functions and do things natural through emotional and physical intelligence which AI cannot.

Having said so, AI cannot replace some functions of human being for the following reasons.

AI cannot think creatively. AI work is based on Internet, robot, chatbots and how it is programmed to functions as a machine, which means it can't think for itself as human beings do think.

AI can only replace few jobs that are meant to be done by human-beings, and not every job. When it comes to managing a company, AI cannot replace a managing director (MD) and some top position that requires physical, and emotionally interactions.

How would you use Artificial Intelligence?

One of the way that I have planned to use Artificial intelligence is for security and surveillance in both my home and office. In this world that we are human beings are not meant to be trust completely and beside this, it is very hard for humans to constantly watch different things like keeping an eye on CCTV network which is the reason why I would use Artificial intelligence based recognition software as a surveillance system in both my house and my office.

Besides, using AI software recognition, I would also use Artificial Intelligence in the following ways.

  • I would use Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency.

  • I would use Artificial intelligence to create new workforce, so I can reduce cost.

  • I would use Artificial intelligence to improve my health, so I can live longer.

What do you think about the use of AI for content creation? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why.

I totally disagree with AI for content creation. AI content creation can't generate exactly what audience are looking for because AI are only programmed to generate plagiarism free content from different websites, and it devalues the content creators and their content.

As a content creator by the time you have start using AI for content creation, you will lose the creativity that is in you as since you don't longer make use of your brain to emotionally think about what can be of help to your audiences. Like in this case, of this noble Platform Steemit the use of AI for content creation is highly prohibited because Steemit is all about Proof of Brain (POB).

AI content creation can't in any way give accurate information about live event if one is to report, and information that are gotten from AI content creation are not always authentic as the one created using our brain. Here on Steemit it is important for we all to know that Steem blockchain was designed to reward content creators for using their brain (POB) and not AI content creator.

There are so many reasons why I disagree about the use of AI content creator that I cannot finish explaining here but to end my explanation with the words AI content creation would not make audience feel comfortable after reading your post and also if you are to write about an event that happened in your locality AI cannot write it for you unless it has been posted online on different websites.

I am inviting: @kouba01, @pelon53, and @simonnwigwe.

Thank you for stopping by.......

 3 months ago 

@josepha, You are very clear about how you would use artificial intelligence for your benefit.

Security since, as you say, human beings often make many mistakes in this regard.

Very important health since without health we cannot fend for ourselves and it is not worth the money we have.

Technology and advances in medical science have made people have a better quality of life and live longer.

Increasing productivity is something that brings benefits to companies, but it is also on the other side of the coin.

Since less human labor is used and therefore there is more unemployment.

Undoubtedly, our platform was created to use the brain and artificial intelligence has no place to think here.

As there are some out there who are already using it, but measures are being taken so that this does not continue to happen.

Thank you for giving us your opinion on AI, to the friends of the community.

Thank you for supporting me.

@josepha greetings
You are well said the Artificial Intelligence is controlled through reboot and chabot system it may work faster and accuracy with less errors but it may never completed compete human beings as we are blessed with self decisions, creativity and thinking power while reboot don't have all these.
Best of luck

Thank you so much for supporting me.

 3 months ago 

Hola @josepha, muy de acuerdo con lo que nos compartes el ser humano nunca podrá ser reemplazado al 100% y debemos ser concientes de el uso de esta herramienta que está revolucionando al mundo.

Has realizado una muy buena publicación con buenos argumentos bien explicados.

Saludos 🤗

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Thank you so much for reviewing my post.

Todo tiene una función y los IA estarán manejados al final por un programador humano, el reemplazo total no me gusta sin embargo aprovechamos al máximo todos sus beneficios

Saludos y éxitos

Thank you so much for supporting me.

Really agree with this your point stating
AI content creation can't in any way give accurate information about live event if one is to report, and information that are gotten from. AI can't replace human

I fully agree with your post even if unfortunately in some jobs it already partially replaces the man

Thank you so much for supporting me.


Thank you for such valid entry, you shared how great the AI is also shared that it cannot be replaced as it is limited to creativity, only being able to give out response to commands as it is programmed. You also shared that you would love to use AI in your home and office for security. I wish you success in the contest. May the best contestant win the challenge. #steem-on

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