Common Interview MISTAKES and How to AVOID them!!!!

Common Interview MISTAKES and How to AVOID them!!!!

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What shouldn't you do when interviewing? Here are the foremost common employment interview mistakes, blunders, and errors a candidate for employment can make.
Unfortunately, it is easy to form these mistakes without even realizing it— and lots of them are more common than you would possibly think. Take the time to organize before your interview so you do not need to stress out about blunders after it.

1- Dressing Improperly – It’s important to look professional and decent while you appear for an interview. Your attire may vary according to the post you have applied or interviewed. You should wear business casual clothing to an interview for a non-professional job or startup casual garb to an interview at a little startup company. It’s important to look well-dressed as it creates an impression on the interviewer.

2- Arriving Late – As far as First impression is concerned, did you know that you can make a bad first impression before you even arrive at your interview. Arriving late not only leads to bad time management but it shows lack of respect for the other person who is waiting for you the interviewer and in a broader terms the company itself.

3- Bringing a Drink with You – Having a drink while you are in a middle of your interview might create a distraction for you as well as for the interviewer. It can take away your concentration and the precious eye-contact from the very crucial things in the interview. If you want to charged yourself with a coffee or a soda go for it before you enter the door of the company.

4- Using your Phone during the interview – You SHOULD silent or switch-off your phone before you get to your interview. Texting during your interview is not only rude and disrespectful but also it creates your impression like you are not passionate about the job for which you entered the room. For the same reasons please do not answer or make calls, to resist the blunder keep your device switched off or you can keep it in your bag.

5- Not knowing anything about the company – The easiest question to answer in the interview is “What do you know about this company?” Please go through the company’s website where you find everything about the company in “ABOUT US” section. Go through it to ahead of time. If you are having account on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Tweeter or Instagram you can check the latest post by the company if any to keep you updated about the company’s vision mission or latest task they are handling.

6- Fuzzy resume facts – Sometimes companies may ask you to fill the application form while you visit for the interview. While filling the same you should be accurate about the information you are putting forward. If you are missing some dates from your past experience or past companies, it is always recommended to keep your resume copy with you. Of course it is expected from you and every other fellow who came for the job interview that you will not fudge the facts and be more truthful with the organization you're trying to be a neighborhood of. If you Fudge in the resume you might get confused between the truth and fudged facts.

7- Not paying attention – Make sure you are well rested, prepared and alert in the interview. Focus on the crucial things like the questions and the what is expected from you. If you get distracted easily while your interview and missing a question looks bad on your part. It might create a negative mark on your score card because each level of work requires a different level of attention. If you feel you are slipping away make serious efforts to stay concentrated and engaged. Focus on one thing at a time which is more important at that time.

8- Talking too much – There is nothing worse than a long interview, the interviewer is not interested in your whole life story. Keep your answers short, crisp and clear, to the point and don’t ramble – Simply answer the questions asked. Don’t simply side-tracked and taking about your experience or life.

9- Not being prepared to answer questions – Your interviewer might start slowly with your past experience and previous companies to check your aptitude for the job. Don't let yourself be caught off guard. Prepare for your interview by reviewing inquiries to expect and the way to answer them.

10- Badmouthing past employers - Don't make the mistake of badmouthing your boss or coworkers. It's a smaller world than you think that and you do not know who your interviewer might know, including that senior or boss who you think that is an idiot. You also don't need the interviewer to think that you simply might speak that way about his or her company if you allow on terms that are not the simplest.


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