Shyamalan's Unfinished Return - Glass Review

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M. Knight Shyamalan, director of Glass, is one of the most anticipated directors of what he will present in his film work due to his approach in his films, which contain a mixture of excitement, horror and supernatural phenomena, as well as the design of his characters with a great deal of strangeness and confusion, bad on both sides of the good and evil, and the emergence of sudden and unexpected twists at the heart of the plot as the sequences develop precisely in the second half of the film with a certain message or idea related to the nature of the human beings and the reality around them.

Glass Movie Review
But what counts as an important achievement for M Night Shyamalan is his belief in making films inspired by his own imagination and original story of a different character and unique style, even though the stumble is an ally of Shyamalan recently, but to keep trying and not despairing of The repeated failure caused shyamalan's acceptance and the high expectations of his films, and the result was that he survived the shares of continuous cash in split 2016, which was a big surprise in the cinemas when Shyamalan deceived everyone in a way Unexpected and announced that the film is only a second indirect part of the film (UNBREAKABLE) one of the most important films that appeared at the beginning of the millennium to succeed in what failed after 4 consecutive failures after the village and raises the ceiling of the ambitions of viewers to watch a third part that combines the heroes of previous films and ends the series in the best possible way, which was and still etched in the minds of many despite the distance of time between them estimated sixteen years.


  • When it comes to the text of the film, we find that Shyamalan succeeded in creating an acceptable balance between the fact that the film has flashes complementary to the story (UNBREAKABLE) and the fact that the film follows the characters (The Hurd) which was the cornerstone (SPLIT) and continued on this approach also in (GLASS) but the problem of the scenario lies in inheriting the rules in an exaggerated way and calls for boredom that brings drowsiness to the viewer sometimes.

The most prominent example is the case of The Personality of Ellie Staple, a psychiatrist who believes there is no evidence to prove the idea of people in the real world who have superpowers like David Dunn and Kevin Crump, and Elijah Price-Mr. Glass is working to bring them to the whole world.

  • (Shyamalan) touched on the intensive explanation of those details, which led to the prolongation of the time of glass film and extended what can be presented in an appropriate way and without exaggeration at all, but was able (Shyamalan) to compensate the viewers relatively with intense paragraphs of outstanding action unusually due to the classification of films Of Schialán completely away from the time of action and its requirements.

  • But despite all that has been mentioned earlier, it does not issue a great deal of distress to the audience (Shyamalan) as much as the tragic sequence of the end, which is one of the most bad sequences of the film recently, the end carried a great deal of logic and extreme haste and ambiguity that is supposed to fade over time in addition to the inability to fully understand its course, but leave open mouths did not realize what (Shyamalan) did to disturb the cohesion of the events despite the full awareness of the justification (Shyamalan) the necessity of ending the way the film is left The impression of the audience to remember the series always, but the result was frustrating, causing the spectre of sharp criticism of Shyamalan films to return and the film described the bad 2019 movies, even though we are still at the beginning of the new year !!!!!!!!!


  • The performance in Glass was good with the benign return of Bruce Willis again to appear in commercial films of great importance reflecting his frequent appearances in several disappointing films as well as starring James McAvoy for the second time in a row in the same role (Kevin Wendell Crump) and the smooth movement between the many characters and easily reflect the talent of McAvoy, which raises an important question about the lack of interest in the production companies campaign to present McAvoy as a potential Oscar nominee in the role of actor. Major.

Samuel L. Jackson succeeded in presenting Elijah Price in a similar way to UNBREAKABLE, and was able to highlight the idea of "mastermind" that mr. Glass knew with all her justifications and actions, hoping to show the reality of human beings carrying the superpowers like those in comic books, no matter what it cost.
Sarah Paulson also performed in the talk show despite the repetition of most of them, but she recorded a strong presence in addition to her small film record in the number of films featured at the level of embodiment.

  • In all, M. Knight Shyamalan was able to conclude the glass trilogy in a relatively acceptable way, even if its flaws are obvious to the inexperienced eye, but what counts for Shyamalan is his different vision of the world of superheroes and his departure from the norm and the basic style of the conventional, which reinforces the idea that Shyamalan continues to present his own stories and his personal writing in the belief that the original story and its quality become a reason to enhance the filmmaker's standing among the entire audience.