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It's no exaggeration to say that the last few days have been the most moving of writing through over a three year period. This is because two of the three most recently uploaded articles were selected as Recommended Articles. In a place that has been designated as a representative writing platform in public, both in name and in real terms, it is also called a Recommendation… How could you not be grateful for this? Glory to Heavenly Father, who I truly believe in.

Of course both articles are reviews of 'Beautiful Noona Who Bought Me Food' which is currently hot. So, on the one hand, it could be said that it was a temporary effect obtained by leading the drama, but it was true that my deep sorrow was contained in it, so I tried not to think of it as momentary luck.

After all, since it became a recommendation, it was also natural to be promoted on the site. I won't mention it directly, but the view count is huge. And that moment of gratitude is in the present. Of course, I don't know what it's like for other writers with extraordinary writing skills, called celebrities, but at least for me, who calls myself a 'little citizen eating lunch,' he's also a surprising figure.

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As I took the time of thanksgiving one by one, I suddenly became curious about the ranking of the articles. It seems that the criterion for ranking is simply the number of views. Looking at the articles in the top 10, eight out of ten have one thing in common: love. The main keyword of sincerity is sometimes written as a media review and sometimes as a passing trail. Moreover, regardless of whether they saw the light or not, they were all filled with 'reasonable words'.

I know. This is fictitious and just an artist's ink joke... However, I don't know if viewers will understand whether this one property is effective in all areas.

Love is no exception. How can I not praise people who experience true love? Therefore, sensible words were inevitable. In my opinion, as far as love is concerned, I want to give a definition that no one can deny by absorbing all the energy of the universe or all the languages ​​on earth. It's because all the moments of joy that I experience and enjoy are more valuable than anything else.

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However, there are still concerns. The question is whether it is possible to embody the words you have uttered or written yourself. Of course the words that have been thrown so far are not lies or hypocrisy. But now that I've come to this place after going through a time when sweet and bitter coexist, I'm not worried whether I can repeat the mistakes I've made in the past or do it as good as my tongue in the new problems to come.

As I always say, I think love from the past will be the last. It's not like sunflower cosplay or the heroism of wanting to emulate a character in a movie. I dare say that I gave so much that I have nothing left to give. Even if someone I want to love again comes into my heart, I have to give them something new instead of repeating past behavior, and by doing so, that person will definitely feel thirsty or hungry.

If these are really my feelings, then there must be other people's feelings too.

The world idealizes a world without conditional love, but in reality it is impossible. Being with me means living side by side with heavy words like patience, devotion, and sacrifice. Love is enough to cover many sins... It is so great that it is far more important than faith and hope, and although I believe in the Bible where words are written, despite this, I can't help but see the many problems people have to endure another because of loving me.


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