The story of Baddy

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I have a lot of friends, I like to go out and hang out. I love going out for coffee with my friends, but none of this makes me as unhappy as my pasha Buddy. Buddy is my faithful friend, and he is the only one who will look forward to my arrival.


How did Buddy come to my home and expand my family? It all started one day when my younger sister asked for a dog for her birthday. Everyone was against her and my brother, and I was neutral in that story. My older brother had the task of answering my sister from the dog because my parents thought it was too much of an obligation for my sister, but fortunately my parents couldn’t resist so they bought Badia.


It was very difficult at the beginning, Buddy was small, he didn't know where to defecate, so he peed wherever he went. My mom was furious and not happy with how Buddy was behaving, until the moment we went to Mount Tara, everything has changed since then. Buddy seemed to have become another dog as if he had gone to dressage. He suddenly realized where he needed to defecate, he didn't want to pee in the house but started whining in front of the door. When he did it for the first time and when we opened the door and saw what he wanted we were all pleasantly surprised at how much nature had changed him. Nature is a miracle and no one can understand it, it is always a step ahead of us, my dog ​​is an animal and he felt all the charms of nature, he learned where he belongs.


I adore my dog, and you can see in the photos how he changed, it's just amazing how fast he grew and how quickly nature raised him. He is very crazy and interesting, he is funny, I could watch him all day and never get bored. I could write to you about Badio all day, because there are so many interesting situations that I can't remember them all. Whenever I go for a walk he starts barking at everything he sees, often people get scared and their reactions are not very pleasant at the moment I get angry at him, but I can't be angry for a long time, immediately after that I start laughing because they are those reactions of frightened people in my head are too funny. The most interesting part for me is when I take him to the fortress and let him off the leash, he starts running so fast that my gaze barely manages to reach him, and when he stops and I try to approach him, he starts spinning in a circle like a carousel. , it will be so funny to me that I want to explode, and people who pass by also start laughing with me, because a man cannot be indifferent when he sees him.



Buddy is like I said my best friend and I didn’t expect it to be that way. Because I've always been afraid of dogs, but since Buddy got into my life, that has changed, he has changed my life radically. I started to look at animals differently and I started to take care of them, I feel like I have become closer to all the animals in this world, thanks to Badio. No one should be afraid of animals, I overcame that fear and got a totally different view of the animal world, animals sympathize with us humans, they feel when we are scared, sad, angry, or happy. Whenever I'm sad, Buddy always comes to comfort me, lies on my lap, and starts caressing me with his whole body.



A dog is an incredibly furry creature, and everyone in life should have a friend like this who will be his companion throughout life, who will be happy when you are happy, comfort you when you are sad, and cheer you up when you are nervous.



With love, Sarah and Buddy❤️


I love your bond with baddy ❤️❤️ it must be a fun for you to play with him 😅🤗

Thanks for the comment, it's very fun to have Badia and play with him