Back to Ancient times: Consumption of Cooked Water.

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Hi... steemian all, hopefully all are in good health and can carry out all activities.

Water is the main source of life for all creatures on earth, in addition to air, but God has provided the amount so that the price is not expensive. Furthermore, due to human activities that exploit unlimited natural resources and uncontrolled land use, it has an impact on the contamination of other natural sides, including water.

Previously water was free, but now it has been commercialized into bottled water, and is sold at a certain price. and not accessible to all. Then comes class-2 bottled water produced by home industries (small industries) whose prices are relatively cheaper, but what about the quality? who guarantees?



I, one of the people who can't afford to buy drinking water continuously, chooses the traditional method, namely by boiling water, I believe this method is healthier, a little tiring but healthy and good for family consumption. The problem now for cooking is the problem of difficult firewood, I look for it in several places and small forests, this is not easy, but I have enough time on Saturday and Sunday. To cook a full pan usually takes 45 minutes, or 60 minutes if the wood is not good enough. I do it with pleasure and I enjoy it.



When I was little, we did consume boiled water, but now in the modern era, they prefer bottled water, it's easy and simple, but bottled water is definitely not natural, because it has gone through a filtering process and uses machines and a kind of membrane. Some changes in people's lifestyles that have an impact on water include:
  • The well used to be dug, now it's in Bor.
  • Many forests have been deforested which has an impact on water availability.
  • Disposal of industrial waste that is not environmentally friendly.

Therefore, let's together save water and the earth by protecting the environment, preserving the forest, let's plant trees, and avoiding deforestation. The company is also expected to be able to manage waste properly so that it is not polluted by surrounding water sources.

Thus this post, I hope you like it, and please comment and correct it. thank you

dont forget to be happy.

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