Doctor’s Revenge

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When Officer McClane first arrested Dr Riggs, he had thought that the man was a mad scientist who deserved to be place in a psyched ward rather than a prison, but the judge had thought otherwise.

“Who would have imagined that all of this were all part of his revenge plan?” Officer McClane thought aloud as the body’s of both Riggs and Harry got placed in an ambulance.

Before he was sent to prison, Riggs was a surgeon who lived a peaceful and quiet life until the day Harry’s wife was rushed into the ER. Unfortunately she hadn’t make it and Harry had blamed Riggs for her death.

Riggs didn’t know why he felt that way but he had taken all of Harry’s threat towards him with a pinch of salt until the day he got home to see his wife Lisa, tied up to a chair with duct tape placed over her mouth. Harry had ordered Riggs to sit but Riggs had gone for the gun in Harry’s hand instead. He knew he would be killed if he did nothing, so grabbing the gun was his best option to stay alive.

Lisa tried to cut herself loose as both men struggled for the gun and just when she was finally getting the ropes off, she heard a loud bang followed by a sharp pain in her lower abdomen. She only thing she saw was Riggs running towards her before she passed out. Luckily for Riggs, the neighbors had arrived just in time to restrain Harry from causing more harm but there was no saving Lisa, she died before they could get to her hospital.

When Harry was finally arraigned before a judge, Riggs had thought he would be sentenced to death, but the judge had instead sentenced him to life in prison, a sentence Riggs felt wasn’t enough for the man who murdered his wife, so Riggs had come up with a plan.

He had created an airborne virus and had infected a lot of people after which he gave them the cure after three days of being infected. No one except Riggs knew why he was doing this and after about a week of infecting and curing people, Riggs had handed himself over to the police with proof to everything he had done.

Officer McClane had been in charge of the case and to him, Riggs was nothing but a mentally deranged man. Riggs had been brought before a judge and later sentenced to twenty years in prison, a sentence he had received wholeheartedly. He knew that if things went his way over there, he wouldn’t be there up to a week.

So Riggs went to prison. He used his first few days of his stay in prison to get the proper information he needed about Harry, yes, he had been sent to the same prison as Harry. After he got the necessary information he needed, he got to work. No one knew how he did it, all they knew was that Riggs had complained of an headache and had requested for aspirin which he was given. Then one minute he took the aspirin and left and the next minute him and Harry were both convulsing on the floor.

What they didn’t know was that Riggs had injected himself with a dormant virus before handing himself over to the police. And after he got the necessary information about Harry’s movements, he had taken an aspirin which automatically activates the virus and had somehow infected Harry with it.

Riggs knee activating the virus would kill him, but he had done that knowing fully well that it would kill his wife’s murderer too. He wanted revenge at all cost, and now he had it.


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