The fall of mankind

We've heard so many stories about the fall of mankind and how Jesus Christ came to bring us back on our feet. Truth be told, looking at the world today it's like Jesus never came at all. Mankind is no more kind, everyone out there is just being selfish and want to please shelf without thinking of how the next person will feel. That's why we see wars everywhere, people killing each other over worthless issues all because of greed. Gone are the days when pastors and prophets had so much and spent alot of time with the suck and the poor, instead now our pastors are on Forbes magazine with million dollars is their accounts whereas the christians suffer in poorverty. Gone are those days when countries will come together to do something good, all we hear now is war. The place where I come from, there has been a war going on for about 5years now, it's getting very difficult as the days go by buy still no one want to back out because they all have their selfish desires which they want to satisfy and give no value to human lives anymore. My only cry when I see a person been killed is the fact that someone has just been deprived off the chance to repent and make heaven, which is really a pity because we all know deep down that there is heaven and hell and also judgement after death.
Today I come to tell everyone reading this that there is hope. We cannot change everyone,but we can start by changing ourselves. Your change can course those around you to change too and before we know it, alot of people would come back to their senses are we start building mankind back from scratch. Yeah I know it's difficult, but it is possible. The bible also says the heart of man is desperately wicked but still let's not lose hope on one another for we can always forge a change.


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