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Emotions were drowned in an endless torrent of tears
These powerful desires have been chastised and mocked
My heart has waited in the dimming light of my life
A light that had stopped to emblaze was enshrouded by draperies
That ceased to flicker or emanate

I'm trembling because you're so close
Reminiscing of those happy moments
The way you hold me close to you
Sending a bolt of lightning through my veins
Shaking my senses awake from an immense slumber

In the middle of the night
I turn, I toss and I cannot sleep
I wonder why it is still so terrible without you
I cannot believe why it's still hurt so bad
Whatever I do, your face keeps nagging me

You are a calmness to soothe my flames to a steady heat
An emotional wave that is painful and internal to me
Like a consuming inferno unable to quell
I would walk through fire and ice for you my love
Allowing what was toxic to evaporate like morning dew

I see a fierce longing in your eyes
My soul yearns to be in possession of you as well
Every day, a sliver of magic grows brighter
That our love will endure through the ages
Till death do us part is a promise we made forever

Your embrace and touch weaken me to no end
But everything has to come to a halt right now
Let us take a step forward and never look back
That has to be the right thing for us to do
Let's just kiss and say our adieu for the rest of our lives

Original Poetry by @joshuelmari

Thanks to @belenguerra @writingnreviews and @fendit


Napalagalinh mo talaga magsulat ng poem sister. Keep it up.