The pleasures of life are of various kinds

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When a child gets a toy that he has longed for, the child will feel great happiness. They make toys a standard for feeling happy at that moment. But in a little time, the standard sense of happiness will change after they get the desires they craved before have been fulfilled.


This type of happiness is influenced by many factors, such as age, gender, environment, level of knowledge, belief, experience, etc., so if someone is happy by fulfilling the food needs that he dreams of, it is not certain that that happiness will be felt by other people do that activity.

Why does happiness felt by humans change according to me is because humans have many limitations in enjoying that pleasure. For example, a person who likes to eat chicken will feel happy when he eats a limited amount of chicken, but when he eats a large amount of chicken, it is not pleasure he gets but stomach disease, or at least he will vomit because his stomach does not fit the food that is beyond the capacity of his stomach.

So I think happiness in this world all has limitations from many factors. Like the previous example, one of the limitations is in the factor of the amount enjoyed, besides that there are limitations, for example in obtaining the satisfaction of happiness, humans must try first so they can get things to enjoy.

In essence, humans should seek happiness to be enjoyed in the world only for people who do not believe there is life after death. But in other places, there are people who seek happiness for life in the present world and prepare for happiness in the afterlife. In this case, humans are free to choose which one they believe in, which is certain to be most of the humans, in my opinion, I believe that humans will experience death. If you choose to prepare for happiness after death or not prepare for happiness after death, humans are free to choose. For those who prepare for happiness after death, they will not regret it when it turns out that there is no life after death, but on the other hand, for those who do not prepare for happiness after death and it turns out that there is life after death, it is up to them.

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