What I'm feeling right now regarding Steemit.

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I wanted to write this post for quite some time now. I felt it was necessary at that moment, but I just wanted to avoid any sort of misunderstanding that might occur... up to now, that I'm starting to feel pretty bad about it.

I'm going to talk about my personal experience and if anyone relates to it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I joined Steemit almost a year ago, when I was in the look for another website that would work as a blog for me, as Blogspot had already bored me. In that search, I found this place that has brought me so much fun, a great friend and many, many, many hours in which I really enjoyed my time writing and sharing with you all.

After a couple of months, @steemitblog picked me (and @belenguerra) as CRs for Argentina. We had already been working really hard for the platform, so it felt great to have that sort of recognition and opportunity. We created Writing & Reviews and, from that moment and on, we did engage a lot in creating new things and interesting contest so that we could grow. And hell we did, we're about to hit 5K subscribers, and we couldn't be more happy about it.

As well as that, I've been part of the Greeter Team since I was one or two months in the platform till today. I did traslate all of the achievements into spanish, greeted a lot of newcomers and I was also in charge of screening the applicants for the 500SP Support Program. Also, I wrote a lot of helpful posts for beginners, such as how to transfer their Steem into their Binance accounts, how to use the P2P market there, how they could write their posts in a better way... many, many, many ideas and things that took a lot of time and that I really enjoyed.

Lately, we've also started Steem Argentina community, so as to help and guide all argentinians that might be wandering in the platform and so far, it has been growing really nicely.

You might be wondering...

But where's the point in all this?

For what I'm about to say, I need to give just a little background about me: I'm Florencia, I'm a 27-year-old Accountant and I work in one of Southamerica's biggest and most promising fintech. My workload is really heavy and my job takes a lot of my time. And by a lot, I mean it. It's no 9 to 5 as most people do. It's mostly 9 till you get your things done.

What about this? I wish I had more time to spend here... but I don't.

I try to manage my best to keep up with CryptoAcademy, Writing & Reviews, Steem Argentina and other posts that I like to write just for the sake of writing. I get at least +150 notifications per day, just from people tagging me in different things (whether it's achievements, posts they do or cryptoacademy if that's my week to work). Time, as we all know, is a scarse resourse.

In the last couple of months, I've felt as if us (curators, CRs and community managers) are just considered as bots... as plain and simple as that, bots. Users get cranky if you don't check their posts as soon as they post them or if a contest closed just a couple of hours ago and you didn't post the winners. People complain if they didn't receive the support that was part of the program. We receive complaints if we don't do this or that... but everything's related to the same. There's almost no thing as being thanked for your hard work here.

More than once, I've felt chased, blamed and pointed at just because we "didn't do certain things"... and this time I'm not talking about users. I feel as if it was settled that you have to do this kind of things as if it was part of your job... and this is not my job, I came here looking for fun and a place I once felt like a shelter, now it all feels as a stress and additional pressure. Believe me, I'm trying as hard as all of you to help Steemit grow.

I'm not complaining about being part of CryptoAcademy, CR or community manager, don't get me wrong. I feel really grateful towards Steemit for what it's given me, as I said before. I really don't like this new "attitude" of pointing fingers and blaming things just because. It's so much easier to spread kindness and not always look for what's missing.

We all like to give our best when it comes to performing our roles as CRs, but whenever we receive feedback from the curators, mostly all comments are really harsh and just focusing on what you're not doing, what you're missing or what you're doing wrong. Is that a way of encouraging people?

From one moment to another, it all just seems as if there were two types of CRs, the ones that don't get blamed for anything... and us, the ones that always receive negative feedback no matter what. And I can give you an example of that, there was a CR that plagiarized content more than once, we raised the issue... and nothing happened :)

I don't mean to hurt anyone, 'cause that's not my type really... but all this just seems unfair to me. I don't even know if someone's going to read this, but this mostly explains how I'm feeling regarding Steemit right now.


Mam I hope you don't mind this is my 4th
post on writing and review s community but I didn't get vote please.I hope you don't mind .my post is very good.

Madam I am regularly sending post in this community but you didn't response on my post

 2 months ago 

I totally agree with you, @fendit, I think we both have similar experiences about how we arrived at Steemit and we've been working together from the very beginning, in a clearly committed way.

It's pretty sad to see how sometimes it seems that someone is waiting to see our minimum mistake to make some comment, dismissing all the work there is, beyond a small mistake.

 2 months ago 

Totalmente, nosotras sabemos lo mucho que hacemos por la comunidad... es una lastima que algunas cosas pasen completamente desapercibidas y apagadas por los mismos de siempre.

I'm very new to all this including this platform but its good to hear from community contributors like yourself. Thank you for sharing this.

The attitude of only pointing out what is wrong is what also kills relationships and work opportunities. This is a common issue across the board that needs to be addressed and tackled.

Also I just subscribed to the writing & Review group before rewding this!

 2 months ago 

I agree with you, and sometimes getting that kind of comments is really discouraging.
Thank you for your comment!

Dear @fendit, you have a job and a salary that allows you to live well in Argentina, where the population is mostly poor and unemployed.
You have come a long way on Steemit in a year and achieved recognition. If you are tired, you need to give up cryptoacademy and a country representative.
There are many participants here who could replace you. And you will start to enjoy Steemit.

 2 months ago 

You clearly didn’t get my point.

 2 months ago 

Oh, you commented here too, but you don't follow @fendit 's work nor mine... that's interesting

 2 months ago 

Talk is cheap, lol.

Friend @vipnata, I think you really missed the point @fendit made in her post, she just disagrees with the attitude of some people who really don't value all the effort @fendit can put into the platform.

At no point has she said that she is tired of her duties as a RC, a teacher at CryptoAcademy and also managing this community that I am just getting to know for the moment.

Before judging and attacking, which we should not do, you must first read carefully what each person writes in their blogs, do you intend that in this way you are prepared to assume your responsibilities? If so, I think you are way below even if you have a lot of time on the platform like me.

This job is not based on getting so much profit for yourself, but to support the community and the platform and in turn for this good work, we will be rewarded, which so far @fendit, who I know as a teacher does an exceptional job, so in my opinion deserves respect and merit for the good work he is

Don't worry there are people who trusted you the most in this platform. We all have our share whether we get the attention or not, and it is best that deep inside you've a greater role! Huge thanks 😊

 2 months ago 

Thank you :)

Amigas @fendit y @belenguerra, es difícil por lo que están pasando, ser señaladas y criticadas en ves de ser valoradas, yo lo poco que se de ustedes me ha permitido saber que están realizando muy bien su trabajo, fallas, por todos lados ahí y a veces fallas terribles que cualquiera notaria y nadie dice nada, pero solo les quiero decir, animo y a seguir adelante, de lo mejor de ustedes como la han venido haciendo y cuando hagan algo no esperen recibir nada a cambio, así si no viene ninguna recompensa no se verán afectadas y si llega, pues bien recibida, no conozco mucho de ustedes, pero las aprecio mucho y se que el sentimiento es mutuo, y si se les pasa por alto comentarle o revisar alguna publicación de alguien, pues tranquilas si les dicen algo, yo a veces con mi cuenta, me han escrito y sin querer he olvidado responderles a los demás, que les suceda a ustedes es comprensible. Se les quiere mucho amigas y un abrazo desde venezuela. Bendiciones.

Mam your Post is so good .I really appreciate you.

Mam your Post is so good .I really appreciate you.

 2 months ago 


You are really hard working for steemit platform.I appreciate you

 2 months ago 


Gracias por compartir tu historia, no se preocupes y sigue adelante.💗 Muchos éxitos para ti.

Hola profesora, yo quiero felicitarla por compartir este mensaje con nosotros, para mi usted se ha dedicado de manera sorprendente, le conozco por la cripto academia, entre a su blog buscando la publicación de esta semana y me encontré con esta publicación, yo de verdad admiro que usted este presente en la academia (soy un tanto feminista y me encanta ver cuando una de nosotras logra grandes cosas), su forma de presentar el contenido es dinámico y divertido. Como mujeres nos enfrentamos a muchos retos: la casa, el trabajo, los niños, sin embargo esa fuerza interior que tenemos nos permite lograr cosas que a veces no creemos posibles. Profesora, no preste atención a comentarios que no la dejen crecer, muchas veces la gente que critica o juzga no logra hacer en su vida lo que esperan que hagan los demás. Siga adelante, no se es un billete de $100, para caerle bien a todos, haga su labor a su ritmo, no vale la pena poner la salud ni fisica, ni emocional en juego. La etiqueto profesora @fendit, porque quiero animarla, tómese su tiempo, salga de paseo un rato, dese el gusto de tomarse un chocolate con galletas, huela las rosas y siga adelante dando como siempre lo mejor de usted.

Hola @fendit como estas, tu post me impresiono porque sabes que a veces me siento igual que tu, ya que desde que comencé en esta plataforma siempre he querido aprender y también quisiera dedicare mas horas a esta plataforma pero a veces están los factores externos que influyen esta semana quería participar en los concurso y hacer las tareas de cripto pero no pude porque esos factores externos como trabajo, economía influyen y sobre todo el trabajo que uno tiene y la responsabilidad que uno tiene como personal de salud mas otras actividades y esta semana se me enfermaron mis padres y entre en una depresión y angustia, yo que soy tan motivadora esta semana he estado tan estresada, pero se que a veces no podemos dejar que los problemas nos afecte.

Se que estas realizando un gran trabajo y no debes desanimarte sino seguir adelante no dejes que eso interfiera en tu vida porque la vida es una sola y la debemos de llevar a nuestro ritmo mirando siempre hacia un mañana, hay que pedir mucha fortaleza a Dios y seguir y decir yo si puedo y lograre lo que quiero.

Todos somos seres humanos y tenemos muchas cualidades pero no somos perfectos y hacemos hasta donde Dios nos lo permita, así que sigue adelante con tus metas y haz lo que tu corazón te dice siempre debemos de priorizar lo que es mejor para nosotros para cuidar nuestra salud y que los problemas no nos afecte emocionalmente.

Mucho Animo

Buenas tardes! Es innegable que tanto ustedes como los demás administradores de otras comunidades son personas muy trabajadoras y entiendo que sea difícil no sentirse apoyados, estos días muchas comunidades han dejado de ser apoyadas y otras eren apoyadas al máximo y aunque me di cuenta de eso hace un tiempo, pensé que era algo normal.

También creo que hay muy pocos curadores para tantos usuarios que existen en la plataforma y por ello es difícil curar a todos.

Así que creo que la mejor solución aunque ya eso es por parte de Steemit, sería crear otras cuentas de curadores para brindar apoyo a los demás. Sin embargo, el trabajo que ustedes hacen es increíble y espero que esta situación se pueda mejorar <3


 2 months ago 

We appreciate you!

Por encimita viendo los comentarios, considero debemos dar el justo valor a las personas y aprender a ponerse en los zapatos de esa persona, porque fácil es señalar y considero QuE el trabajo que estás haciendo es fantastico, no te dejes desanimar por comentarios negativos que buscan es apagar tu luz para hacerse mostrar ellos, cuando veo esto me recuerdo la historia de una ranita QUE a pesar De los comentarios negativos a lo largo de una carrera ella ganó y resultó que la ranita era sorda así que no oyó los comentarios negativos sino los gesto pensando que todos las animaban a continuar.
Así que Continúa con tu trabajo levántate y sacude el polvo que muchos aquí valoran tu trabajo

Professor @fendit, I know it is difficult to take on these responsibilities, when you came here to have fun, but in my opinion you are doing an outstanding job. Your work really helps the community and the platform to keep growing. I hope you continue and move forward, you have my full support.

Financial Markets Analyst.

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