Shadmehr - Khiyali Nist ( Solo Cover )

Hi everyon. This song is a popular song among young people at the beginning of the release of it! when Shadmehr decided to immigrate to Canada after many problems and limited music space in Iran, the first music video he released was "Khiyali Nist".

This song was very well feedback by Shadmehr fans at that time. So that the music video of this song was being reproduced quickly. Because at the time of the release of this song, the Internet, social media and satellite were not yet widespread in Iran, and people could only watch Iranian and foreign music videos with CDs. I think I was 10 years old when this song was released ( 2000 ).

Shadmehr was a singer who, after many hardships in the music scene after the Iran's revolution in 1978, could hardly get a license to work and in fact give a new spirit to pop music. many people believe that Shadmehr was the founder of pop music after the iran's revolution!! a singer who is very successful in his work and is currently working in Los Angeles.

This song reminds me of my elementary school, so I decided to cover the guitar of this song. Hope you enjoy with this🙏❤