First live performance of my original song "Isolation"

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This is the first time I am performing my original song "Isolation" with my acoustic guitar, I wrote this song in 2018, and this time I decided to perform it even different than its original version, so after a while of practicing on my song, I decided to add some melodies while I am playing the fingerpicking style on my guitar, and at the end, this became the result, and for the piano section, I decided to sing it with my vocals and performing those notes in this way.

Listen to this song on Spotify:

This song has many perspectives it is written about different people who are living in different places on earth at the moment as we are living, it is my experience and also the things I learned from the people I knew so I decided to write this song related to the things that happen to these people and also myself. I hope you guys like it. I also have to add that this song was written before Covid 19 but later I thought that this can also be related to Covid 19 too cause it also depends on the audience what is their perspective, as I also said before I like it when a song can live longer than its time and can be related to the future events.


Isolation in box
Excitation inside
Conversation has died
Migration and lost

combination of pain
violation for gain
duplication of past
generation miscast

Oppression and dance
Depression is mine
Nomination for death
restoration but gone

Thanks for listening, don't forget to share it with your friends.


Davood Faramarzi aka @davidfar

 3 months ago 

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Thank you guys :) <3

 3 months ago (edited)

What a great song, my friend. The lyrics are wonderful, and his voice is undoubtedly splendid. He is extremely talented. Successes on your musical path.

Thank you so much my friend, I am glad that you are supporting my music with your kind feedback.

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