My diary game|| Better life 08-09-2021|| How I spent my day

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Hello Steemians, trust you all are having a wonderful day today? My day has been going well and not too stressful. I want to use this medium to welcome Everyone to the new month of September. I hope this month goes as planned for everyone of us.

Today, is yet another day to blog about how my day went in this awesome community... Yes, I have been having a busy schedule for a while now but not anymore. I woke up very early this morning by 5:00am and I had my devotion. Already I had an appointment with a friend to go open an account with first Bank of which I have things to do along that location so after running through my morning chores, I quickly had my bath and dressed up as my friend was already bugging me with calls and texts that she's waiting for me at the junction.


We left together and when we got to the bank she went to a different section based on her complaint and I also had to go about my routine in the area. I went to check a tailor who have my clothes for long and has been delaying delivering my clothes. This was one of the reasons I decided to come around to that area and I had to wait for the tailor to complete whatever she said was remaining in the clothes and I left work my clothes.

Next, I went inside the market to buy a handy bag which I bought for my kid sister... I quickly ran to the nearest ATM which happened to be my own bank to make some transactions which include transferring some cash and then making withdrawals. My friend called me not quite long to inform me she was rounding off with whatever she was doing in the bank and she's having malaise and needed to go home as fast as possible.

I quickly told her to head home once she is done with what she was doing so she can go take care of her health as I still have things I was doing and would not want to still keep her waiting inspite Ill health.

I had alot of things to buy Including food stuffs and so I hurriedly bought those things I needed and on my way home I decided to Branch at Riddas foods to get for myself sharwama which had been my crave for days.




I had to wait for sometime for the staff to get my request ready and so I sat down running through my phone while I wait. Soon it was served and I left with it. On getting home I stocked the things I bought from the market and while I was doing this, I had rice cooking in the gas and after the rice was done, I made stew and served myself.

At first, I was confused if to eat the rice first or the sharwama but I later opted to have my meal and few minutes later, I ate my sharwama and rested a while before resting my head to write about my daily diary game


I intentionally had to feel good today by satisfying my cravings and attending making my diary game post, I laid down to rest and from there, I slept off. And that was all about my diary... Thanks for coming by.



Excelente post.
Saludos y bendiciones 😊☺️

 last month 

You had quite a long day, friend!
Thank you so much for sharing here and being part of this community!
We're glad to have you! :)