#Club5050 The Diary Game 08|04|2020 Our Trip To Kota Beach In Northern Cebu

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Hi everyone hope you are all doing good
Going to a trip will always excites me because this is the time i can spend much time with my friends and in nature. My latest travel was in Northern Cebu, we travel for almost 6 hours to reached the place and when we arrived at the place we directly went to the church of St. Peter and Paul for thanksgiving. From there we went to our lodge to arranged our belongings, drinking tea and took a nap so that we can be energized for our activities.

Our lodge

We were on the second floor of Skye pension house in room number 5, the room had enough space and can accommodate of 5 heads. After drinking our tea we organized our things and preparing ourselves for our tour in Kota beach, a walking distance from where we stayed.

The Kota beach

We were very amazed when we saw the place. It has a very wide shoreline with clean powdered sand many tourists just love to step on to the powdered sand and watched the sand bars where mostly tourist love to hang around.

Me with friends

My friends really love to swim on the clear sea water but unfortunately we were not able to bring our swim wear so we decided to take some photos for our souvenir of this beautiful place, we could say purely nature made.


We made sure to get a photo of the beach where the sandbar could be seen clearly at our back. It is like an isle at the middle of sea water which can be enjoyed for relaxation and many other activities. When we arrived at the site we saw a group of tourists dance tiktok at the sandbar.


They had a nice cottages here, clean and very comfortable the cool breeze of the sea and the shades of a tree were so perfect for the good place to unwind, the belongings were safe here because they had more patrols to watch over from time to time.


The place was so beautiful and cool good for vacation with families and friends. I was enjoying the sight and walking barefooted in the wide shore of powdered sand. It was really an enjoyable experienced visiting this purely peaceful nature place.

10% of this post goes to @hive-111293

Thank you and God bless us all



It was a nice adventure

Nice gyud kaayo dae

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Hi friend.

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