The Diary Game, 19/01/2022: My Wednesday Journey. Going Back To School.

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Hello fellow steemians, it’s another blessed day and I want to share with you how my day went. Hope you are doing good. May He ease our burdens for us, and bless our daily activities.

I woke up healthy this morning by 4:30 am, cause I have to get up early so that I can catch the early bus. Cause I am leaving for school today.
So I got up brush my teeth and took my bath, went for the early dawn prayer. After which I packed my things; said goodbye to my grandma and set off to the station.

8F3B6B55-7195-4B06-A1A5-205C499D248B.jpegEarly dawn in Metro Mass transport

Fortunately, I got ticket. I was number 8. So I bought some and waited for the bus to get full so that we can move.
I was going to Obuasi, the name of the University I attend is KNUST. I had to take Kumasi bus, from there I would then take Obuasi’s bus, cause there is no straight bus to Kumasi. I used Metro Mass.

We took off at 8:50am, but our driver wasn’t fast. I had some stomach ache, cause when am in a bus and breath the fume from the bus it gives stomach pains. So I slept; but I slept a lot.
I woke up when we were getting to Kintampo.

B51C166E-1CB2-4D9A-9E38-37312E7713B7.jpegIn the bus

E1405E2E-2FFB-414A-88D2-0F870AD79E86.jpegJus woke with the stomach ache

When we got there, the driver stopped for us to ease ourselves and get something to eat. So I used that opportunity to free myself.

We got to Kumasi at 3:40 pm. So I had to buy Obuasi ticket and offload my luggage into the Obuasi bus. So I was tired and exhausted. We set off for Obuasi at 4:30pm, so by 6:30pm we have to be in Obuasi; cause it’s a 2 hours journey.

AF3F5483-6EC8-4CF9-A8BC-8CE8307B7E8B.jpegWas exhausted in Kumasi, as I offload my luggage into Obuasi bus

We alighted in Obuasi at 6:50pm. I called my roommate to come and help me, but his number wasn’t reachable. So I carried everything home, cause we aren’t far from the Obuasi Metro Mass.
When I got home, I prayed all the prayers that I owed, took my bath. After which I took some food.

I went to visit some friends, cause they are the other family.
That’s how my day went, the journey was stressful; but I thank God.

Thank you for the time and attention. I really appreciate.

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