Photo contest (results + new edition) 15+ STEEM || 15% Beneficiaries @hive-111293

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Photo Contest

Greetings and welcome to all moderator and admin panel members of steem travels committee, especially thank you admin panel for organizing such a beautiful competition for us. This is the first time I participated in a photo contest in this community. I hope you like this post.


To participate in this competition, I have chosen a winter flower that is planted in our field. The name of this flower is Sharishaful which is mainly cultivated in winter in our country. I have chosen this flower for the photo contest because there is a beautiful butterfly sitting on top of the flower which has enhanced the beauty of the flower many times. However, you must comment and let me know what the fruit looks like.

I invite you to participate in the competition.

Many thanks for reading my post

 4 months ago 

First of all, I thank you very much for inviting me to participate in this competition, this flower is very beautiful, my friend, but I don't know about the fruit in this flower, besides in my country I have never seen it.


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