Top #club5050 posts from the last 24h (28.11.21)

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Top #club5050 posts from the last 24h

Every day we publish the best post list to help other users select the premium quality content to read and upvote it. The list is also a suggestion/help for steemcurator team in selecting the posts in our community that are qualified to reward with the upvote.

All posts on the list are #steemexclusive, plagiarism-free, authors are in #club5050 and do not use any voting bots


Countries we have visited in the rewarded posts




We would like to welcome the users who have made the verification process on Steem-Travelers in the last 24h: @misslina, @zhanavic69, @rezamusic22, @atta09 - we hope you will feel in our community like at home. Comment, read, publish and simply enjoy your stay here :)

Some of the new users prepared introduction post.



Visiting sunny Algarve - South Portugal

by @crypto.lion
Steem Travelers - Flower Garden ''Celosia Es Co"

by @bangmimi
The Old Capital of Siam

by @alena-vladi
Introduction to the Outdoors for Potential Conservation Members

by @saya.konoha
Coming to Nsukka, Enugu State For The First Time

by @chizzybahd

PS: Remember that mentioning on this list does not guarantee SC votes neither booming support

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Thank you very much, I will be active here and will soon join the #club5050 program. I hope we can grow together.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you for the recap of the report, I feel very proud to get a position in the 5 best posts today.

This is my first post and I will continue to contribute to the Steem Travelers community. Greetings to the admin and Moderator team.

I hope to have my post on this list later.

 last year 

Thank you very much for mentioning my post among the best!

My post doesn't get accurate votes by Booming, what's wrong? Thank you.

Sorry if I ask a few questions, even though my post has been included in the 5 selected category posts. what went wrong and what to fix. Greetings Travelers!

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