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RE: Top #club5050 posts from the last 24h (21.11.21)

in Steem-Travelers2 months ago (edited)

@ hive111293 Sorry for the comment, but you lost the # club5050 tag.
steemitblog in his post about club 5050 support indicated that this tag should be set no further than the fifth in a row. Here is the sixth in a row, which means that the post is not included in the selection for the # club5050 tag.

 2 months ago 

thank you for the reminder, it may be very useful for the readers. Community accounts cannot participate in club5050, so in fact we didn't attach that tag at all. It was automatically added as the last tag by the platform, because it was mentioned in the text.

It's important that all the users know #club5050 tag should be included in the first five posts though, just like you mentioned.

 2 months ago (edited)

If you go to tag 5050, you will see the community accounts in popular. They are also supported. Not always, but periodically.

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