Photo contest - The birds: Jackdaw with a ring in its beak

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Today is such an amazing day. I had a successful bird photography. The birds were surprised by the jackdaws. They were too active. First, they took food from pigeons and wild ducks. I was just passing by and watching them. Jackdaws are smaller in size, but turned out to be much faster than large ducks and pigeons.

But I was even more surprised by one jackdaw that found the ring. It is unclear what the object was from, but the jackdaw saw it in the grass, where it was looking for plant seeds and took it in its beak. She began to move with a ring in her beak. The ring now and then fell out of its beak, and the jackdaw lifted it again.

I don't know what the jackdaw with the ring would do further, but she noticed me, dropped it from its beak and flew away. It is clear that she would not peck at him. If the jackdaw didn’t understand that the ring was inedible, it could have tried it with its beak. This did not happen. So the jackdaw realized that the ring should not be pecked. But it was still interesting to her. I noticed long ago that bird jackdaws are very smart.


I often watch jackdaws. I love these brave birds. I noticed that jackdaws live with us with different plumage and eyes of different colors. Not a big difference, but if you look closely, you can see. The jackdaw, in the photo above, has a part of the plumage with a brown tint. Her eyes are beige. And if you look at the first photo, then that bird has darker eyes. The plumage, although also partially brown, is darker.


Now let's look at another jackdaw. It is hardly noticeable in the photo, but in fact her eyes are gray-blue and the plumage is present with a purple tint. Such a plumage is inherent in these birds. But jackdaws with brown plumage have little information about what kind of species it is. So we have two kinds of jackdaws. Although they are the same size. But on closer examination, you can find the difference.

Bird jackdaws are medium in size. They live in our parks. People are not afraid when they pass by indifferently. But one has only to stop and pay attention to them, as they immediately fly away. This often happens when there are several birds at once. One of them gives a signal, the rest immediately as if on command rise and fly away. Even when you feed them, you cannot come very close photograph. You have to do it stealthily from a distance.


Here's another beauty. Admire her. It seems that she is looking into the lens. In fact, her gaze lingered for seconds, and so did she. She waved her wings goodbye to me and flew away.

The post was written as part of the competition @hive-111293.

I invite @leylar and @nilpan to participate in the contest.


Удачи в конкурсе!

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

You have shown us some wonderful pictures of crows. We know how useful crows are to us


 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 



шикарные фотографии!

 2 months ago 

Спасибо. Фотография птиц это моя слабость. Это так интересно!

I never knew crows could look so beautiful

 2 months ago 

You had a lot of fun going there. Your pictures were awesome. Especially the pictures of crabs are very beautiful.


 2 months ago 


 2 months ago 

Beautiful post, the Jackdaws have sexual dysmorphism, a small difference in the color between males and females :)

 2 months ago 

Thanks. I read this opinion: "with age, males shed and fade, especially in the head area, while females retain the richness of the color of the plumage."

 2 months ago 

Interesting, thank you! :)

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