WHO Is Sun Yuchen (孙宇晨) a.k.a. Justin Sun of Tron ($TRX) Infamy

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Unless you have been sleeping under a hefty bag of BTC for the last month or so, Justin Sun is someone who is here, there and everywhere in the crypto-sphere. His name plus his TRON brand has come to signify a lot to the online world: indefatigable ambition, runaway hype-trains, a cheerful yet firm engagement with the public. All this and more is being pushed forth into perpetuity by the 6x9x6 Justin Sun like he intends to cover every corner of the internet with his smiling round face.

I was curious when he got involved with #STEEM and I had to know more. Prior to his involvement here, I knew of Tron and the $TRX cryptocurrency, I knew of his penchant for mergers and acquisitions with any tech or company related to decentralization but I had very little insight into his grandiose visions of himself being the central sun of the next-gen online world.

He sees himself as most accomplished - an astute investor full of the youthful vitality that all Chinese mainlanders should present! Justin's aspirations are limitless; usually expressed with a comical over-enthusiasm that results in him passionately expressing complex visions through Chinglish and annoucements announcing an announcement posted on his various social media accounts. He loves road maps, "Web 3.0", "true decentralization," and so on.

Such ambition packaged into a 5ft 7" compact package is amplified by the Tron.Foundation's large sums of capital being thrown around the online galaxy and Justin being at the captain's post. He flies about, acquiriing and merging as much as he can with an opacity that I can assume exists to shroud a greater scheme: Justin SUN wants to be at the centre of a new Tron Solar System.

A system of "Decentralized," "Web 3.0," tech, networks, blockchains & assets that rotate around him, waiting to be used, kept in his orbit by an invincible centrifugal force.

He was larger than life, more a cyber astro-boy than a human self of flesh and flaw - I was intensely piqued by the enigmatic Red Tech Kid from China.

So I researched him. I had to find out more and present to you #Steemians some very intriguing aspects to Justin. Let's start with the most appropriate place, where Justin himself would be the most keen to put forward as his full fledged self, as his debonair introduction.

GQ Magazine Interview with Justin Sun (Beijing, China)

August 10th, 2015 GQ CHINA: A fantasy journey of "post-90s entrepreneurial leaders" - Google Translate.

Original In Chinese

A fantasy journey of "post-90s entrepreneurial leaders"

This is the longest push of GQ24 in history. It gathers two character reports published in the August issue, which respectively record the growth path and spiritual world of the two "time youths". One of them is Sun Yuchen from Peking University and the other is Liang Zhi from Tsinghua University. original

He Yan 2015.08.10
fUCK it

Youth in Two Times is a character report in the August issue of GQ. We are trying to record the growth path and spiritual world of the two young people. One from Tsinghua University and one from Peking University, enjoying their fame and success on and off campus, or being advertised by mainstream values ​​or favored by venture capital, together they constitute the success model of today's Chinese youth.

One is a school star who is known as the "Tsinghua male god", who engages in public expression as his life ambition. He hopes to use outstanding eloquence and communication skills to promote the "main theme" and "positive energy." A "post-90s entrepreneurial leader" who is good at self-packaging and regards winning and success as the credo of life, always ready to stand on the wave of the times.

As the fruit of the big tree of the era, they became a noticeable treble in the noise, to a certain extent the will of the era: advocating for something, indulging what, despising what, suppressing what.

Sun Yuchen on the tuyere

A young man in a small town, by a strong desire for fame, completed a series of jumps in life. Along the way, he showed people with different images and knew how to be in the guise of the times in a timely manner. "Be sure to win" is the credo and core logic of his life, because "This is an era when the accelerator key is pressed, and I must not be left behind." He used to be a "campus opinion leader" who slammed the mainstream, and now he is trying to build his own image: "post-90s entrepreneurial leader".


On the territory of China's secondary education, Huizhou No. 1 Middle School is a name that is not very eye-catching. Like countless middle schools that regard the college entrance examination as the life rate, this school in Guangdong always arranges the seats in the examination room according to the previous ranking. From the day of enrollment in 2004, a thin young man with spectacle lenses as thick as a bottle bottom has long hovered at the end of this judging system. In his description, this is to declare war on exam-oriented education: the language test is only written; the English test Answer the questions in Chinese. When filling in the blank for the history exam, the negative person will always fill in the name of the head teacher, otherwise he will substitute his own name: Sun Yuchen.

This hasn't stopped him from showing his extraordinary desire for success: one day I must be ahead of the others. When someone else buried his head in the sea, he sat in the library with a pen in his hand, and thought that he had an unparalleled talent for writing. He intended to change his destiny in this way. The unexplained models are Wang Xiaobo and Li Ao, and the more realistic idol is Han Han, who became famous-he is determined to copy Han Han's path, and carefully studied the style of the first prize of previous new concept composition contests, and wrote many articles with very different styles. To invest in Shanghai, the intention is to increase the odds that are in line with the taste of the judges, "must win." After three consecutive years of casting, he never heard back.

Years later, 25-year-old Sun Yuchen was sitting in a home in Beijing's East Third Ring Road with a monthly rent of 18,000 yuan, recalling the past and showing the winner's smile. From time to time during the conversation, he leaned back, his waist belt shining brightly.

Open Baidu Encyclopedia about his entry, a series of countless tags: Bachelor of History, Peking University, GPA ranked first; Master of the University of Pennsylvania, USA; Founder, Chairman and CEO of Ruibo Technology; post-90s entrepreneurs in China Leading figures; World Outstanding Forum (Davos Forum) Global Outstanding Youth; Forbes China's 30 entrepreneurs under 30 in 2015; the only post-90s student in the first batch of Lakeside University founded by Jack Ma ...

With a dazzling title, he is bursting with confidence and enjoys being watched. His desk was piled with certificates and trophies, large and small, and the walls of the slightly crowded conference room were covered with media reports about him. In the WeChat circle of friends, Ma Yun, Feng Lun, Shi Yuzhu ... showing their group photos with these business leaders at any time.

He strives to seize every opportunity for others to pay attention to himself, and is willing to express the pleasure that fame and wealth bring to him. At the beginning of July, he made four rounds in a circle of friends within 24 hours as a "new generation upstart in the post-90s" and appeared in "Lu Yu has an appointment." Chen Luyu asked him on the show: 10 years later, what kind of person do you want to be? He replied: I want to be a "three-you" newcomer, rich, interesting, and ideal.

Chen Luyu asked: How much do you have now?

He laughed and said, "It's already" three things. "I hope it can be maintained in 10 years."

Back in time to eight or nine years ago, the second half of his high school life he was talking about was-in the third year of high school, he was disheartened by the dream of writing, and with luck, he re-submitted the three previously submitted articles. But accidentally entered the re-examination to get the first prize, and obtained the Peking University autonomous admissions qualification. He went crazy to make up for the Yanyuan. In the future, this became his life capital that he repeatedly mentioned: "The first year of junior high school has undergone a major reversal, from Sanben to Peking University."

This little self-proclaimed, but confused, young man in the city has taken this as a watershed and set foot on the fast track to the world of fame and fortune. However, the train does not always run on the same lane. The rapid switching of the tracks and the large turning span make some people who are familiar with him feel astonished:

During his undergraduate studies at Peking University, he appeared on the cover of "Asia Weekly" as a "campus opinion leader" famous for attacking the mainstream; he went to the United States for a master's degree and turned his attention to bitcoin investment to earn the first bucket of gold in his life; Without disguising his admiration for money, he shouted in a high-profile speech "My standard for measuring a person is to see how much money he makes."

At the end of 2014, an old friend met him after more than two years and felt uncomfortable with his change: "It's not blood but chicken soup. He told me very excitedly that if he wants to make money, he must be right Money is eager enough. "A reporter who had interviewed him summed it up as" the successful master of post-90s entrepreneurship chicken soup. "

Former idol Han Han has become his object of ridicule: "He can't keep up with our post-90s era. It is still too lazy in nature and very powerless. Since the birth of a child, he can be basically cleared from the ranks of young people. Now. "

Correspondingly, a few years ago, he also refused Guo Jingming's invitation for the "New Literature" writing contest, mocking Guo's work as "a big dung," but now he showed a kind of sadness:

"It's a great capitalist. He is a bit like me, and he also wants to win."


More than once, Sun Yuchen talked to me about his principle of acting since he was a child: "Be the number one. If you can't be the number one in a field, immediately change the next one."

This logic began to dominate his life very early. When the speech fever began in the 1990s, in order to improve his verbal expression ability, he was taken to various MLM classes by his mother as soon as he was in elementary school; the Go boom took off, and the third grade of the elementary school went to Wuhan to study Go alone; The ".com era" is coming, and he is back in the computer Olympics. But these attempts were unsuccessful, and he gave up further efforts.

And in the autumn of 2007, he was admitted to the Chinese Department of Peking University with a 20-point extra score for the first prize of the new concept. He has bet on Han Han ’s path and frequently published novels in the “Bud” magazine. "The literary world feels dominated", but the response is sparse. "Han Han really had a bad luck and caught up with the hottest time in" Bud ". By the time I wrote it, it had gone downhill. There was nothing moving on the thousands of words and I couldn't stand it." He no longer insisted.

Soon, he went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong for a semester in the fall of 2009. After returning to Peking University, a classmate found out that he seemed to be a different person. The “soiled bun”, which was always in sportswear, was fashionable and his thoughts became so aggressive that his roommates could not bear it. The atmosphere in the bedroom was quite tense. He began to criticize Peking University frequently on social networks. Over time, the object of criticism expanded to the wider public domain, and his words became more and more fierce.

He attributed this change to the acceptance of "ideological rites of worship" in Hong Kong. "It was like in a Puritan world, only women's eyes could be seen. After that, wow, the streets are all naked!" After taking a course in "Democracy and Society", he took to the streets of Hong Kong to participate Various protest demonstrations and live broadcasts on social networks.

But this is still affected by Han Han. At that time, Han Han's focus of writing changed from fiction to essay, and he was the most dazzling star on Sina's blog. His words were hot and ridiculous, and he had tens of millions of fans.

"You just want to be the second Han Han?" I asked him.

"No, I'm even better than him. He is transforming ordinary people, but I am transforming Peking University students. Transforming one of his top 10 meanings 10 times his."

Such a high-profile publicity style runs through his 4 years at Peking University. In this traditional school of "freedom of thought, inclusiveness", students have different opinions on him. Some people regard it as "a few mediocre Pekingese", and some people say that he "just wants to be popular." Still others did not agree with his specific point of view, but also said that "a hundred Sun Yuchens are better than a hundred silent ones."

He organized an underground salon and invited liberal intellectuals to communicate at cafes near Peking University. After an activity was blocked by national security personnel, he hoped that the organization could "regularize" and apply to the Peking University Youth League for registration of "Xi Xueshe", but the school was dissolved only three days after its establishment. Since then, his various online accounts have become the subject of key monitoring by the school, and are often banned.

He took the initiative to add controversy to himself, announcing his candidacy for the chairman of the Peking University Student Union as an independent candidate. In the eyes of many people, this is unreasonable, because the student will be the object of his ridicule in the past. "The student union is so beautiful, it's actually a party organization."

When I tossed this question to him, I got the answer: "You don't join it because you don't look at it. Doesn't it always look the same? You have to let go of the rituals and get involved, and then you can change."

He has no shortage of staunch supporters. The 2010 graduate student of Peking University's Sociology Department, Bo Ran, was admitted to Peking University from Beijing Foreign Studies University because "the students of Beidai University generally lack knowledge", and Sun Yuchen is the kind of knowledgeable person he expected to meet. It ’s awesome, it ’s very wide-eyed, and it ’s very high and far away. Students at Peking University should think big questions. ”

When Bo Ran knew Sun Yuchen, it was during Sun's election campaign. He recalled that Sun Yuchen analyzed at a dinner, and after being elected, he could know more cattle people, do more cattle things, and go step by step. For example, he can go through the path of the Communist Youth League system and become a provincial minister.

After several months of campaigning, Sun Yuchen announced to the outside world that he had captured more than half of the votes, but he did not appear on the campaign site. He later told a story repeatedly: A few days before the election, the staff of the Youth League Committee "detained" him for more than ten hours, forcing him to resign. But questioners see it as a "naked show", and according to past experience, the so-called independent candidate is never elected. "First participate in a high-profile event that knows that it is impossible to succeed, and then shape yourself into a persecuted image to gain attention." One of his sisters analyzed.

Bo Ran was a firm "very grandfather" at the time, and now he thinks he can give a neutral evaluation: "Don't demonize him. It is a very hot young man in his early twenties. But he is by no means stupid blood, It's savvy blood. "

An interesting fact is that, while he is cold-eyed and critical of the system he is in, he can always get what he wants from it. At the end of his freshman year, he left the Chinese department and was relegated to the history department. His friend Zhang Wenshao believes that this is because it is not good to start in the Chinese department. No matter how hard you try, the ranking will be high.

Sun Yuchen said that the reason for the change is that the Chinese department has "abnormal curriculum settings" and "the atmosphere is too left." The transfer to the history department was to follow the advice of Professor Qian Liqun, one of the spiritual idols at the time, "no history beyond history". But he also acknowledged that it is easy to get high marks in the history department. By the time he graduated from undergraduate school, he had the highest grade in the history department.

During a lunch, he spent about half an hour, "teaching me" how to rank first. One of the lessons was: "The history exams accounted for a small number of marks, and the essay was a big head. You communicate more with the teacher, and the relationship is familiar. Let him have a look before you formally submit the thesis, give me some suggestions, and I will change it. Can you make a difference? ”Every time he chooses a course, he must get the teacher ’s mobile phone number and e-mail address.“ At least someone responsible can be found if something goes wrong. ”He raised his lips and stretched out four fingers:“ In my impression , At least 4 courses were originally below 85 points. After asking the teacher, they changed to more than 85 points. "

He couldn't help but be complacent. "I can just go back to Peking University and start a course in grade school."


In the summer of 2010, he lost the election, "want to work in the system, but failed", so the credo of "can't do the first and change the field" once again dominated his actions.

At that time, Weibo was on the rise, and the public discussion space was gradually flourishing. "Big V" and "Knowledge" became the most beautiful people in the public opinion field. Sun Yuchen hoped to be among them, "I think it's time to cry out for help in China." He imitated Hu Shi's "Weekly Review", posted it on Renren.com, and actively sent articles to some media and intellectuals. Soon, he got an internship in Southern Weekend.

During the internship, most of his energy was still in writing the "Weekly Review", with an extra line at the end: "Sun Yuchen in the Southern Weekend News Department", and the number of hits soared. A media person who practiced in Nanzhou at the same time recalled that some newspaper leaders had reminded him to remove this slip.

At that time, the popular online weekly "Beidou" on Renren.com often used Sun Yuchen's articles. "The level of our people may not be lower than that of Sun Yuchen, but when it comes to catching the eye, no one can beat him." A Beidou writer recalled.

Several articles may reflect Sun Yuchen's writing ideas and style at that time. The mourning day of the Zhouqu mudslide victims in Gansu, he wrote an article criticizing the government for ignoring human nature and life, and the loss of credibility. The title of the article summarized the changes in the mentality of the Chinese he understood: Stupid-Whoever donates is stupid. " Another article satirizing the government's "anti-three vulgar" actions, with the title "Guo Degang Aoi, I Want It All! 》

A similar article was reprinted crazy on Renren.com and evaluated the poles. Whenever he publishes a new article, some people always turn to the Joke version of Peking University's Weiming BBS as a joke. "Is Sun Yuchen stupid?" It was a test question that some Peking University students drew in their mouths to "detect the three views." But in the eyes of some supporters, "regardless of motivation, at least he is an actor."

In order to get more attention to the article, Sun Yuchen described himself as "crazy adding people" at that time, and sent thousands of friend applications on Renren. Many of them opposed his values ​​and "added one by one according to the list of student cadres." "I drew a lot of scoldings myself. Those who agree with you just look at it. It is important to convert the opponents."

However, he is often distressed by the lack of influence and hopes that the article can reverberate in a larger public space.

Soon, he achieved his wish.

In March 2011, the media reported that Peking University will implement a system of academic consultation for ten "key students" such as academic difficulties, extreme thinking, fragile psychology, and economic poverty. Develop and implement targeted support plans in a targeted manner. "

The words "extreme thinking" caught Sun Yuchen's attention. He wrote in succession: "The sinful Peking Convention business system has finally been exposed. This is a cruel idea designed to institutionalize comprehensive control of students." "I always feel that I am not living at Peking University. Is this Nazi or Nazi? "

There was a big outcry in public opinion, and the discussion on the "conference system" turned into a public event. In the controversy, his popularity rose sharply. In July 2011, he appeared on the cover of Asia Weekly with Jiang Fangzhou, who was then studying at the School of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University. Above the two photos are two lines of text: "The eggs of the Chinese post-90s elite Internet".

After a lapse of 4 years, Zhang Jieping, a Hong Kong media person who wrote the cover article at the time, recalled to me that the original idea was to write a liberal college student group on Renren, not Sun Yuchen himself. However, due to time constraints, it was adjusted to write one or two more famous representative figures to bring out the story of the entire group.

One noteworthy detail is that the journal article is not a common third-person narrative, but a self-report by Sun Yuchen. This is what Zhang Jieping intentionally said: "I don't want my narrative to be abducted by his own discussion, but it is difficult to analyze it carefully, so let it be presented as it is."

During the interview, what she remembered most about Sun Yuchen was "not shy." "I'm a post-80s generation. When our generation talks to others about their strengths, they always feel embarrassed. You can't see this from him, he will always talk about how good he is."

After the magazine was published, Sun Yuchen's reaction seemed to confirm Zhang Jieping's impression. He changed his Renren username to "Sun Yuchen | Asian Week Cover".


Maybe this young critic could have gone all the way. But he did not expect that he would usher in the biggest shock in his life, and the traces left are still difficult to erase.

At the end of 2010, because of fear of being expelled from Peking University, he applied to graduate one year in advance and entered the East Asian Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania in autumn 2011. About one month after arriving in the United States, he started the online magazine "New Youth" with reference to Chen Duxiu's "New Youth". However, half a month later, a graduate of Shenzhou Qi, a graduate of Princeton University, posted a long blog on Renren.com, accusing Sun Yuchen of "The Veteran Is Not Dead, 1949" for plagiarizing her article "One Million in 1989". . She compared the similarities one by one and asked Sun Yuchen to apologize publicly.

The event quickly fermented. The headline "Student Sun Yuchen's" Plagiarism Gate "was a cover character of" Asia Weekly "appeared in newspapers, and his criticism continued for many days.

"That time was a complete blow to me." Sun Yuchen recalled that those were the worst days in life. In a panic, he unplugged the network cable and cut off contact with the outside world. His friend Zhang Wenshao thought that he had been shortsighted.

A few days after losing contact, he posted a long-form statement "My Final Response" on Renren.com, denying plagiarism, saying that the two articles were similar in style. But this did not work as he expected. On Peking University's Weiming BBS, the posts criticizing this article rushed to the top of the "Top Ten Topics of the Day" and have been preserved in the essence of Joke Edition. Even some people who had previously shown his understanding and support no longer supported him. A copy of Beidou, a writer who had been close to him, said: "If this is not plagiarism, then there is no plagiarism in the world."

Talking to me 4 years later, Sun Yuchen still denied plagiarism and was tough on words. "Whatever I thought then, I said it. As for what other people think, I didn't care then. Looking back now, I have nothing to regret."

"I got fucked." He felt that in the final analysis, he was not strong enough at the time, and no one dared to treat him that way.

Since then, he has remained silent on Renren.com until today. "New New Youth", this online magazine he hopes to "continue the" New Youth "tradition, will end here.

After a moment of silence, his enthusiasm shifted again. Lin Kun, a 2007 graduate of the Peking University English Department who was also studying at the University of Pennsylvania, observed that Sun Yuchen started a series of actions from the second semester: take courses at Wharton School, join investment associations, participate in internship interviews with investment banks and fund companies .

Earlier, when Peking University invited Yu Minhong as alumni representative to give a speech at the graduation ceremony, Sun Yuchen criticized the odor of copper for tarnishing the purity of the ivory tower. An once-admired "academic bull" started business, he rebuked the other party for cynicism, and the two sides broke up. In 2011, Ma Yun opened Weibo, and there were millions of followers in a week. He was inexplicable: what did this person do?

Regarding this "180-degree transformation," Sun Yuchen explained to me that he had read the work of female writer Ann Land in the United States and had undergone "a baptism of values."

"I used to think that the people who engaged in literature, history and philosophy were the most noble and could promote social progress, and found the opposite in the United States." During a dinner, he spent more than an hour explaining to me how Ann subverted his ideas. In short, entrepreneurs are the core of the entire planet. The more people make money, the more lofty they are. "I used to think that businessmen were guilty and inferior. Now looking at it in reverse, what about those Chinese students and history students who do not read books? The world will not change."

"When I was at Peking University, I thought that this group of people in East Asia was not good enough. Only when I came to the United States did I find that I hadn't seen anyone writing anything." When visiting Yu Ying, a former idol and a famous scholar, he learned from the chat that An authoritative and tenured professor in academia such as Yu earns only $ 80,000 or 90,000 a year, but a young man entering Goldman Sachs can make more than twice as much.

"It's completely marginalized, and nobody feels right." At that moment, he told himself that he could never go this way.

In the eyes of a friend who contacted him frequently at the time, his change had another explanation: "The plagiarism was a turning point. His credibility in the original circle was completely bankrupt, and that road was nowhere. It also made him aware. Then, if you have more powerful and reliable power, then money will naturally emerge. "

He tried various ways to enter the business world. First, I registered a company with a group of international students and produced the video program "Three-person Study in the United States." Applying for internships at dozens of financial institutions, all failed. After repeatedly bumping into the wall, he postponed the original one-year master's program by one year, preparing for the law school, hoping to become a lawyer and enter Wall Street.

During his stay in the United States, he was economically distressed and lacked the means to earn money, so he joined the Penn Investment Association with the mentality of "see if I can know some rich Americans and borrow me some money". Within a year, he was keenly placed in the new air outlet, buying Tesla's stock first, and then speculating in Bitcoin, claiming a profit of 70 to 80 times. This has become another legend that he has told the media many times since then. As for the specific amount, after asking me again and again, his statement was tens of millions of yuan.

The end of the story he told in the United States ended in investing in Bitcoin. He felt the great potential of Internet finance and decided to join in. Although he prepared for a full year to apply for law school, he eventually gave up and returned to China to start a business.

I asked him why he was willing to give up, and his logic sounded familiar:

"Chinese international students are still too marginal in the United States after all. You can't get in the core circle. Only by returning home can I win."


One afternoon in June, Sun Yuchen was interviewed by CCTV. The reporter asked: "As a leader of the post-90s entrepreneurs, how do you evaluate China's current entrepreneurial environment?"

He smiled and said, "China's entrepreneurial environment is the best entrepreneurial environment in the world, there is no 'one'."

At the end of 2014, the former critic wrote in the Caijing annual magazine: "The 20 years since the 1990s have been the best 20 years in China." He called on the post-90s to "become taxes on the country's contribution." The pioneering entrepreneurs who provide employment to society are the driving force of history and the positive energy for China's progress. "

"People like Xiaosun are typical chameleons. He doesn't have a stable value and is used to falling to the strong side." An intellectual who knows him can hardly hide his anger.

When I recounted these words to him, he retorted: "The words can't be said like this. I deal with entrepreneurs and economic officials. I think these people are amazingly open-minded and it is China's hope for the future."

"It's not the government that criticizes everything. It's called" No Brain Black. "Isn't Deng Xiaoping's '92 Southern Talks 'good for the country's development? Now the government encourages entrepreneurship and, as I understand it, is the second Southern Talk.'

Today, under the vigorous advocacy of the government, entrepreneurship is an upsurge of the times. Standing in the air of the times, he felt wonderful. "Many times make heroes, and it is important to grasp the trend."

In late 2013, he joined Ripple Labs, an internet finance company based in Silicon Valley. He repeatedly described to the media that Ripple is more magical than Bitcoin in his eyes. "This is a decentralized payment system supported by the value network, allowing different currencies to exchange freely, free of charge, and with zero delay." More than a month later, he returned to China as the chief representative of Ripple Labs Greater China.

After frustrated by seeking investment from a venture capital fund, he quickly found the well-known IDG capital and established Ruibo Technology. He believes that the reason why IDG can be achieved is that IDG is one of the shareholders of Ripple Labs and it is logical for him to do so; secondly, IDG pioneered the concept of "post-90 entrepreneurs" in the investment circle at that time.

After getting the investment, he was pulled into IDG's WeChat group of post-90s entrepreneurs. At first, there were only three or four people, but it quickly increased to thirty or forty people. This made him realize that a "post-90s entrepreneurial fever" was about to start, and he should be at the forefront of the wave.

To this end, he hired an executive of a well-known financial media as the vice president of marketing, specializing in public relations affairs for him, focusing on the "post-90 entrepreneurial leader" brand. Visiting major business media to find forum speech opportunities became his top priority at that time.

Soon after, IDG announced the establishment of the “IDG Post-90s Fund” with a size of $ 100 million. Facing the media ’s “this is intended to be a hype” question, IDG Capital's founding partner Xiong Xiaoge said that the era of the post-90s entrepreneurs has arrived, and investing and supporting them is to seize the industry's opportunities and commanding heights.

Driven by IDG, the concept of "post-90s entrepreneurship" quickly captured major newspapers and magazines, and Sun Yuchen was one of the most dazzling stars. "Yu Chen's PR (Public Relations) ability is really strong." Lin Kun, who is now his assistant, said. On the occasion, he preached high-profilely: "The post-90s are the aborigines of the mobile Internet," "the post-90s will overturn the world," and "we do not compete with our competitors in the same dimension and beat you, but it has nothing to do with you."

A post-90s entrepreneur described Sun Yuchen's self-promotion as "snowball." "IDG's investment and the constant reports of the media actually play an endorsement role for him. The more such endorsements, the more people will pay attention to him and trust him. He will get more and more resources."

Right now, he is most proud to be selected as the entrepreneurial training camp "Lakeside University" founded by Jack Ma. As soon as he was selected, "Ma Yun's Youngest Disciple" appeared in his Baidu Encyclopedia entry. In a video interview, he described himself as meeting "Men Hate Late" with Jack Ma. "When I talked to Ma Yun, I felt a lot of common topics. Oh, everyone feels very irony."

The glorious resume has won him fans. At the end of May, a study abroad service agency invited him to share his entrepreneurial experience online. The WeChat group of 500 people was instantly full, and it temporarily increased to 5 groups.

But an investment agency person described him as "a successful entrepreneurial actor." "For example, he was originally 100 points and carefully packed into 1,000 points. As long as the bubble of 1000 points is not burst, he can find the capital and industry status corresponding to 1000 points in the market. When the bubble blows big enough, enough money is collected, and then go to the market to buy a truly reliable company, this capital game will become a play. "

"In fact, your media is also a participant in the game. The media creates stars to attract attention, and readers are also happy to see this inspirational story. Everyone takes what they want and completes a conspiracy." He told me.

Facing the question of "carefully hyping himself", Sun Yuchen explained that the company must survive in order to do so. "A start-up company like ours is too low. It can only be attracted by the boss ’s madness and PR, to attract investors’ attention. Otherwise, what do you do to fight with the big companies? If you do not move for 3 months, you will be killed. Now, PR is the beating heart here, and we have to jump around from time to time, and die without jumping. It is difficult to look at the picture, but there is no way. "

"As long as investors don't mind, I'm not afraid of (criticism of this kind). Would you mind? No. I promoted the company at a very low cost, and investors are certainly happy to see it."

He felt that if he did something wrong, it would be that PR was not strong enough. He is the youngest member of the "Boss Team" in the job search show "It's You". He is not satisfied with his performance. "While recording 50,000 yuan for one period, except for the first period, I can't make appearances, which is a waste of money." In his view, this show is called the contestant job hunting, which is really a arena for BOSS. "It's all human, the company doesn't necessarily do well, it's all first-rate. It's all professional actors. I'm a semi-professional and a semi-amateur. I can barely do anything in other places. I can't grab a few words here. "

Another type of criticism against Sun Yuchen is that high-profile public relations, but lack of progress in company operations. I asked several Internet finance people for their evaluation of Ruibo Technology, and they unanimously answered that they could not evaluate because they could not see the actual product.

Sun Yuchen's response was: "It shouldn't be too harsh on us. Google hasn't done anything for six or seven years, we have less than two years, what happens?"


Back in the night of January 2007, 16-year-old Sun Yuchen stood on the streets of the Bund. There were high-rise buildings on the other side of the Pu River, and the huge neon lights kept flickering.

In order to participate in the rematch of the new concept, he first visited Shanghai, a metropolis with a good reputation. "You will feel that in this place, you can get everything you want." From that day on, he was determined to escape " The urban-rural junction is average "in Huizhou.

He never hides his strong desire for fame and wealth far beyond ordinary people. Wealth may be secondary, but be sure to get as much attention as possible. He was anxious even if a circle of friends sent a message for a few minutes and no one responded. "I really can't stand loneliness. I measure whether or not to do something. It's important to be busy or not. Someone must take care of me. Even if it's scolded me?"

He attributes the origin of this character to his childhood, his mother.

In July 1990, Sun Yuchen was born in Xining, Qinghai. At the age of 4, the family left the remote and closed northwest and rushed to Guangdong, the frontier of reform and opening up. They wanted to settle in Guangzhou or Shenzhen, but failed to do so. They have been in the Pearl River Delta for nearly a year and settled in Huizhou. His mother became a reporter for Huizhou Daily, and his father entered the Huizhou Planning Bureau.

In the first year or two of Huizhou, his deepest memory was the lack of wealth. In the summer, he had no money to install the air conditioner. He was so hot that he took his parents to the air-conditioned friendship store every evening. At 9:30 in the evening, the shop closed. He was holding the pillars in the shop and was crying and refused to leave.

In a husband-wife relationship, the mother is a strong party. Her father was the deputy mayor of education in Xining, but died soon after Sun Yuchen was born. When moving to Huizhou, the family's former glory had faded. The mother pinned her son's hopes on reviving the family business, and repeatedly instructed him to be first.

When Sun Yuchen was 8 years old, Nie Weiping's disciple Chang Hao became the world champion of Go. He read this story in a magazine, hoping to become the second Chang Hao. His mother immediately decided to send him to a private elementary school in Wuhan that taught Go and had Nie Weiping as the honorary principal.

He has since realized that life is cruel. "At such a young age, I do n’t know anyone when I go to Wuhan. In a large dormitory with more than 40 people, I want to cry every night without letting others know, so I put my head in the quilt, crying a little, it took only an hour. After crying. "

According to the jargon of Go, the child who wants to become a professional chess player is called a "red boy". This is a fierce competition that is no less difficult than the college entrance examination. After studying for 3 years, he failed in the charge and returned to Huizhou in a depressed mood.

He was greeted with even worse news-he didn't know until he returned home that his parents had long been divorced. "It's sunny and thunderous. It took three years to learn Go, but I always thought that I could go home. Even this thought was broken. They didn't break up peacefully, and then there was a big battle. For example, two A major shareholder tears it up. Can the company be okay? "

He has heard countless times that his parents have accused him of not being in front of him. He has seen his father beating his mother constantly, and often finds that his parents are standing at the school gate at the same time after school, and they want to pick him up. To escape the pain, he was obsessed with online games all day, and his performance plummeted.

Later, his mother married in Italy, his father's career was hindered, and he shouldered the burdens of his parents and siblings. He was depressed and drunk for a long time.He lived in a boarding school, and his father and son became more and more indifferent. "Since the third grade of elementary school, I haven't experienced the taste of home. Wherever I go, there is home. I am a home alone."

The lack of love made him long for attention. An investment institution person familiar with him said that he is not the same as many post-90s entrepreneurs-others are out of interest in the matter itself, and along the way, he is driven by his desire for reputation. "He is very insecure and hopes to have something to support himself at all times. Fame may be the icing on the cake for others and a necessity for him."

He was afraid of aging, and he felt exhausted, so he was extremely concerned about his image. At the end of 2014, in order to look more handsome, he had myopic laser surgery. In order to stay in shape, he forced himself to eat only vegetable salads, in addition to the inevitable entertainment. He likes to reveal bright luxury logos, "They can tell each other my strength directly, tell him you can talk to me."

The world in his eyes, except for success, is failure, there is no middle ground. He hoped that he would always be a waver on the cusp of the times. "This is an era when the accelerator key is pressed, and I must not be left behind."

He felt that he couldn't do nothing for a second, otherwise he would have a strong sense of guilt. To this end, he asked himself to "work 7x24 hours, except to sleep." He could get off the plane at 6am and appear at the interview site at 8am. "No one saw that I didn't sleep all night.

This directly caused him to break up with a girlfriend. "Every public holiday, she asks me to accompany her to travel, I think it is a complete waste of time. Where do you think it looks good, just look for a video to see, why spend so much time going to the scene? This can be life What value does it create? "

"Don't look at me right now, but I've always been anxious, and my happiness hasn't been strong. I don't think it's successful enough." He frowned, his expression tight.

I asked him: "Maybe someone feels that they don't need to care about how others evaluate and succeed, as long as they are happy and not too nervous. Isn't such a good life?"

"I must refute it." He slapped the table with his palm, shaking his fingers constantly, his face flushed. "How can you deceive yourself? This is absolutely not allowed, and it is too serious. Of course, success must have a standard that everyone recognizes. If you fail to meet it, you are unsuccessful. No matter how cool you are, it is useless. It's that simple.

The noisy cafe suddenly flashed quiet for a few seconds. Many people twist their necks and set their sights on us. His eyes stared at me without paying attention to the surrounding eyes. At that moment, he looked serious, as if expressing a truth.

Interview: He Yan, Zhang Hong Writer: He Yan

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Insecurity births narcissism. Not gonna end well, and not gonna be pretty on the way down.


the stubborn singlemindedness is impressive but totally not something I can respect or fear.

Flexibility, humility and compassion is what makes me warm up to a Person.
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